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argy 3rd May 2022 20:09

Stoneleigh and the 250 polished stainless steel boot handle
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Hi to everyone that I met at Stoneleigh over the weekend.

Compared with previous years Stoneleigh was quite quiet this year. The weather wasn't brilliant on Sunday but wasn't too bad yesterday.

I helped out on the stand in hall 1 where I displayed my polished stainless steel boot handle (see images below) and my replacement rear lens which eliminates the boxy MGB rear lens. (see image).

I forgot to get Ian Fife's number so if you see this please point him at this. Ian uses the DNA MGB boot lock, as I did at first, and I wanted to confirm that this lock will cover the hole created for the MGB lock. From the measurements that I took from my MGB lock the hole in the boot is 35mm whereas the Z3 needs 37.5mm so there is enough space (I believe).

The stainless boot handle was developed as a lockdown project with Sir Percival on the dna owner's club site who lent me his rubber / plastic one to judge the overall dimensions (Thank you). The one that I've developed is different in that it fully utilises the original Z3 central locking and key locking system which means no more being locked out of the car if the battery manages to run flat over winter. If you kept (or are just starting and therefore still have) your old boot locking bits then this handle (with the included bracket and gasket) will provide you with all of the security and access that the original Z3 enjoyed.

I'm developing a second version of the handle which will not need the Z3 stuff and is intended for those that have a boot button activated solenoid but which needs the key to be turned in the lock to allow the boot lock to be activated. This second version is intended to be a slimmed down version with a smaller boot hole opening. If anyone has any particular suggestions / requirements as to what size of hole this should work with then please PM me, happy to chat. I'd like to replicate the Alfa GTA look if anyone is interested...

Meanwhile, here are some photo's of the MGB lock measurements, some shots of the boot handle itself and one of the rear lens at the end. The rear lens photo is of a space model. The actual item will be made of a different (tougher) material and will be the same colour at the original MGB lens.


NeilF355 4th May 2022 10:34


Originally Posted by argy (Post 107664)

I forgot to get Ian Fife's number so if you see this please point him at this.

I've messaged Ian.

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