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lancelot link 23rd February 2019 19:59

Managed to get a couple of hours in on the bootlid ...made the modification to fit the altered headrest and glassed it all together then bonded it to the metal frame I had made and attached to the hinges I mounted yesterday ...

still need to gap it up , but than can wait until the latch has been fitted ...probably going for a cable released latch on this as Chris wants it lockable ...

lancelot link 20th March 2019 21:30

Car is progressing nicely ...engine turned up after it's rebuild and after fitting it back up and painting parts of it etc was fitted into the car ... its a 3.1 with custom rocker covers and a 40 carb fitted .. will get some custom tubular headers and a stainless exhaust shortly ..

Bootlid was fitted with a bear claw latch with cable release , I had a nice aluminium knob turned up to make the cable look more appropriate .

I have also fitted a custom handbrake cable set up using some shorter Reliant cables and a modified adjuster fitted to a stock Handbrake ..I'll take some pictures tomorrow .... Door skins have been fitted as well ..

Hoping to get plumbing and some cabling , aluminium bulkhead , servo etc fitted over next few days...

lancelot link 27th March 2019 14:18

Bit of progress ...
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Battery tray
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lancelot link 31st March 2019 14:36

Managed to get exhaust finished yesterday ... Chris supplied a V6 Manifold kit he found on Ebay , it arrives as a pile of bends and a collector to join themand two manifold plates ... I trimmed them all back a bit and managed to get them hugging the block a bit more than standard ...a couple of left over bends gave me enough to get the exhaust to around about your feet area in 2 sections so it can be removed easily then joins the cut and tweaked original Scimitar stainless system the car came with and some re-positioned stock stainless silencers at the rear under the boot area ...two stainless tips added tomorrow will finish it off ......

dash was cut for gauges and a couple of toggle switches too ...ignition , starter button , fan and overdrive switch are all going on a panel fitted to centre console ...

Has anyone noticed I moved the alternator to pass. side as lots more room ..?

whilst the car is in the air having the exhaust sorted , I'm going to re-paint the underneath ...

lancelot link 15th April 2019 07:48

I haven't updated this one for a while ..lots has been done , she's nearly ready to go to paint ...but first she has been collected to go to have her full aluminium interior done by a mate of mine ...

I went over to trial fit Chris's grille ...We are staying with the Aston theme and have made a stainless round bar version of the 'toothless' DBR1s style grille insert ...Colin Bull at CGB Sheetmetal Solutions tig welded her up for me and will be doing a full polish ...

Lucky@LeMans 15th April 2019 08:17

I really like the proportions on this one with the bigger wheels and radiused arches. It will look great when its back from the paint shop.

lancelot link 15th April 2019 08:34


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 99963)
I really like the proportions on this one with the bigger wheels and radiused arches. It will look great when its back from the paint shop.

Agreed .. my favourite so far .... not that I have favourites ...

lancelot link 25th May 2019 14:58

CAR HAS MOVED ON A BIT .... Slow progress with the aluminium interior but starting to shape up quite nicely and it's at a stage I felt I could share a picture with you all ...All work so far inside coutesy of NEW FOREST METAL CRAFT ..

The car is currently being wired up whilst all the panels aren't fully secured and will be fired up too ...then back to me for finish work on interior and trial fit of screen etc ..then off to paint !!
The Porsche seats are at the trimmers being clothed in black leather at present too hopefully a few weeks more and she'll be looking rather splendid ...

lancelot link 11th August 2019 16:02

lack of post recently due to a few factors ... apologies to anyone following ...
This car is currently residing at the paint shop not a lot to report until its back in a few weeks ... Fitting up and MOT to follow ...full leather 356 bucket seats undergoing being trimmed as well.

Andy K's car is halfway through an aluminium interior too not much to report there .

I've started a V8 build for a guy from Slough area ..2004 Mustang smallblock with Tremec 5 spd. in a Scimitar chassis , 16'' competition wires , modified front , full bootlid with 16'' spare inside etc.

Also about to start a 'budget' no frills , gelcoat only build starting with a running , driving SE5 ..Keeping costs to a premium by using as much as we can from donor and sourcing second hand parts ...

62 Herald just arrived for an interesting build over the winter as well ...

Blue ''Survivor'' number 4 is currently residing at a classic car dealers in Newbury ...

So things are happening , just not much to take pictures of ...

Paul L 20th August 2019 20:47


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 101669)
Blue ''Survivor'' number 4 is currently residing at a classic car dealers in Newbury ...

I've always thought that would be a good way to sell these cars vs. Ebay.

So I hope this works out well for you.

lancelot link 3rd October 2019 20:44

Chris wanted Aston ...I think he got it !!

Just fresh from paint and over at Bisto34's workshop to be fitted up , mot'd etc...

The huge arches and 16'' wires have given it the DBR1s feel that was intended ...a gorgeous polished stainless grille going in to mimic AM too ... more pics as and when ...

lancelot link 3rd October 2019 20:58

molleur 3rd October 2019 21:50

That looks great!

Mick O'Malley 4th October 2019 05:09


Mister Towed 4th October 2019 07:24

Looking very nice and what a great colour choice. :)

Lucky@LeMans 4th October 2019 09:05

This looks way better than the Replicar offering.

DaveP 5th October 2019 06:30

This is my fave of your builds so far Gary.

Really looking forward to next stage pics.


Alex 5th October 2019 21:04

2 Attachment(s)
This Aston Martin DBR1/4 was on display today at the Castle Combe Autumn Classic race meet . The last one sold in 2017 went for a cool 17 million so Chris`s Formosa should turn a few heads when its done

Paul L 17th November 2019 06:44

Any more photos of this car?

As it would be great to see that paint job in full sunshine. :cool:

Also, I somehow seemed to have missed this photo of the interior.

Which looks spectacular.

Good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 18th December 2019 14:35

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