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micky1mo 30th December 2018 19:23

As we are "inbetween" jobs in the workshop over the Christmas period I decided we will get the Leighton 3 wheeler bits and pieces together.

The 2CV galvanized chassis along with the single wheel conversion has been leaning against the fence for over a year now!!:redface:

Apart from a little green mould on the bottom edge the chassis was like new. :biggrin:

micky1mo 31st December 2018 16:59

This is the rolling chassis we have got to work with.

This is the mock-up.

The rear single wheel conversion uses the original axle with both suspension arms removed and a bike style swinging arm mounted on it.

A basic "A" frame is bolted to the chassis and a coil-over shock links the two together making the rear suspension a very simple unit. Not only is it simple but it can be fully adjustable and it also means the chassis remains unaltered unlike the Lomax 223 conversions which require one chassis leg to be cut-off. :thumb:

The front suspension will also be coil-over style as this eliminates the notoriously soft rolling suspension the original 2CV's were known for.:icon_cool:

micky1mo 31st December 2018 17:49


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 98355)
The 2CV galvanized chassis along with the single wheel conversion has been leaning against the fence for over a year now!!:redface:


Just been over this thread and now realized it's been nearly 3 years since i worked on this project !!:jaw:

Mister Towed 31st December 2018 20:43

Always liked the reverse trike layout so watching this with interest.

Any plans to extend the body to fit over the rear chassis or are you going to trim the rear rails aft of the wheel?

Might be nice to put a demonstrator together with a BMW bike engine up front...

micky1mo 1st January 2019 16:22

Mister Towed A BMW or GUZZI engine would be nice but the cost is to high, I'm only building this to clear some space and end a project so it will be sold on ASAP.

Here's the cut profile of the car.

The rear chassis rails will stay in place just like the Sammio Spyder rear outriggers, :lie:
I'v built this with DVLA in mind as not only will I have to change the taxation class from PLG to tricycle but I will also have to change the wheel-plan from 2 axle ridged to 3 wheeler and I think DVLA will want to confirm the unaltered chassis is still unaltered.!!

I tried to keep the body side as high as possible to avoid the "noddy" effect as there's no way to lower the floor pans.

The front suspension is in place so this profile will not change.

Just by a fluke the front coil-over's lined up with the original bumps in the bonnet.

Anybody notice the head light brackets??:pound:

oxford1360 1st January 2019 16:41

Hark the Herald headlight brackets.

deni 1st January 2019 19:04

The trike looks very cool, looking forward to see it finished.
I am sure it will look great.

Yorkshireman 3rd January 2019 05:56

Looking forward to this build Mike as I like the style of these 3wheelers and the only way I would be allowed to have a motorbike.

micky1mo 3rd January 2019 17:43

When into the dark depths on the lock-up and found these bad-boys.:icon_biggrin:

They are a custom made set-up using a standard bike rim and a bespoke hub, both look well made and are fitted with 19" bike front tyres.
I have had these for years but have never been brave enough to fit them. :scared:

molleur 3rd January 2019 21:12

That Leighton is fairly rare as well. I understand that only a dozen or so were produced.

oxford1360 3rd January 2019 22:54


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 98406)
When into the dark depths on the lock-up and found these bad-boys.:icon_biggrin:

They look like steering wheels with tyres fitted.

Paul L 5th January 2019 09:18

Mike - I hope all goes well with this build (and the DVLA paperwork).

There is definitely some about these type of trikes that says "British eccentricity". :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 5th January 2019 18:16

Paul L These little cars are quite fun to drive as it's foot-to-the-floor every where you go. :smile:

DVLA should be OK as the chassis is unaltered as nothing is welded to in only bolted and most of the original parts are used in the build.
The only problem I might have is finding a photo of the original 2CV before the body was removed.

micky1mo 11th January 2019 18:47

Finally got the cage frame finished.

It all sits nicely on the original chassis, the coil-over suspension works well and there's plenty of support to the body panels.

The whole cage frame simply bolts to the outer chassis rails using the original body fixing points which should keep DVLA happy. :peace:

The seats are going to be the next challenge as I'm not sure weather to go with single seats or a bench seat!!:popcorn:

Mister Towed 11th January 2019 20:10

Ooh, I do like that. Nice work.

micky1mo 12th January 2019 20:04

Now all the important controls are in place I can start to sort out the seats

I just could not get them too right feel and every thing just felt wrong so I waited until a friend call-in for a cuppa and asked him to try out the seating.
He thought the seat was OK and liked the LEFT HAND DRIVE set-up. :lock1:


I'v been building this for 3 week and until now did not notice I'd built a left hooker!!!!:eusa_doh:

No wonder the seating position felt odd!!.
What a plonker!! :blah:

Paul L 12th January 2019 21:28

Should have gone to Specsavers.


micky1mo 28th January 2019 17:35


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 98555)
Should have gone to Specsavers.


Your so right, I'v even put the last photos on the wrong listing. :loco:
Here's a second attempt.

Boot hinged giving maximum access.

Bonner hinged and split keeping the dash area fixed.

The bulkhead is almost completed.

micky1mo 29th January 2019 18:23

I'm very pleased the way the rear lights fit the body recesses.

In fact I'm so pleased I'v taken a mould so I can retro fit them on something else later. :wink:

molleur 29th January 2019 20:28

Very nice indeed!

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