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redratbike 30th January 2019 06:46

Good progress

micky1mo 30th January 2019 16:55

Thanks for you comments so far. :eusa_clap:

It's been fun building this but lack of workshop space and time means it'll have to go on the back burner for a while.

I did get some headlights for it.

They were originally for a tractor. !

molleur 30th January 2019 17:14

Looking good!

micky1mo 16th December 2019 19:01

Been having a clear out at the unit and this just shows how some people just can't take things seriously !!

There must be a caption for this :icon_lol:

micky1mo 11th January 2020 17:12

We have spent the last few days trying to fire-up this little engine but all attempts have failed.
It would cough and splutter but just not run so after doing the usual stuff like carburettor, point's, condenser, coil, plugs ect we checked the compression.
We found 80psi on one cylinder and 60psi on the other so although it sounded like it had enough compression and it was "sucking" through the carb, it was actually border line.!!

We stripped the cylinders down to investigate the low compression.

And soon found the problem.

It's been a long time since I'v seen piston ring that gummed-up.

After soaking them in diesel over night and applying plenty of heat they refused to budge.
Finally all the rings had to be removed with a hammer and small chisel not ideal but needs must!. :icon_frown:

micky1mo 12th January 2020 18:01

As we are still waiting for the new piston rings to arrive, we put some effort into the steering .

Refitted and secured the steering column and also added a brace to stop the end float at the steering wheel.

As a bonus the original dash still fits.

I think it's the brakes next ! :biggrin:

micky1mo 17th January 2020 17:04

The new piston rings finally arrived so fitting commenced

Unlike most engines, the piston needs to be fitted to the conrod before assembly as the conrod remains fixed to the crank. plus the fact there is very little room to get to the gudgeon pin/clip once the barrel is placed over the piston and rings.

Also unlike other engines, when fitting the piston it is sandwiched between the barrel and crankcase again limiting the space to work.
A simple block of ply under the piston stops it from retracting back into the crankcase when the barrel is placed over it.

The piston ring compressor is a special tool because there is little room and a standard ring compressor will not fit.

Both cylinder are now back together.

The engine now spins over with plenty of compression so starting it shouldn't be an issue. :pray2:

Just out of interest, the only gaskets and new seals needed in this top end rebuild were 4x valve steam seals, 2x seals at the bottom of the pushrod tubes, 6x brass washers under the cylinder head studs, 6x copper washers on the rocker oil feed pipe, 2x gasket under the rocker covers and finally 4x manifold gaskets!.

Dpaz 21st January 2020 21:12

Lovely job. Might those superb wheels have been built for a horse-drawn carriage, or did you make them yourself? Why did you dump the superb Citroen front suspension for coil-overs? My Ami8 van would out corner most things, as long as you kept your foot in it!

micky1mo 22nd January 2020 09:32


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 103282)
Lovely job. Might those superb wheels have been built for a horse-drawn carriage, or did you make them yourself? Why did you dump the superb Citroen front suspension for coil-overs? My Ami8 van would out corner most things, as long as you kept your foot in it!

I can't remember where the wheels come from but I didn't make them.
I will try them on the completed car but stick with plain 2CV wheels for now.:whistle:

The standard Citroen suspension is fine and much improved if a ARB is fitted but for this build I thought coil-overs were the better opinion piratically on the rear axle unit.


micky1mo 22nd January 2020 17:49

The back end is finally complete.
Now with fuel tank , fuel filler, brake lines and wiring all in place and all under the boot lid.
At some point it will have to be boxed-in and a full mudguard fitted to give some space for a little stowage area .

Had to make the new wiring loom from starch.:icon_eek: .

I have kept the dash lay-out as basic as I could and used the original 2CV speedo.

molleur 22nd January 2020 20:12

I'm liking that!

micky1mo 25th January 2020 16:35

I have now added a cowl to cover up the steering column.

Most of the wiring is now also complete and the throttle and choke cables have also been installed. :becky:.

micky1mo 30th January 2020 18:26

The front mudguards on this little car were always going to be "cycle" style but this presents a problem on a 2CV because there's no where to mount them.
And as an extra problem I particularly wanted the mudguards to be a snug fit to the wheel which means they must move and turn with the wheel. :ohwell:

I started by making a mould from a old steel mudguard which fitted the wheel and added an extra bit of board to form a side panel.

This left me with a usable mudguard the correct size for the wheel and a side panel to bolt it on with.
As the mould was not "handed" I was able to make both mudguards from the same mould and simply turn them around to suit each side.
The visible cut-out is to clear the steering arm.

I fabricated a bracket which bolted to the hub on top of the steering link arm.
The mudguard stays (which fitted the front and rear of the mudguard) where welded to this bracket.

R/H side

L/H side.

I left about 10mm between the stays and the wheel so the mudguard would fit in-between.
When all bolted up and painted black I think they look OK.

Both mudguards fit the wheel as if they where made for the job. :icon_surprised:

The mounting bracket are only made of light weight material but then so are the mudguards so every think should work well together. :dizzy:

Also finished the reworking of the scuttle panel.

Still a few more major jobs to do but it coming along nicely. :rockon::rockon:

molleur 30th January 2020 19:14

great job! Coming along nicely.

Dpaz 30th January 2020 22:21

Very nice. Good problem solving, I did wonder with inboard brakes. Looks very good.

micky1mo 31st January 2020 15:58

It's not all my own work as Lomax kit cars use a similar system to mount there mudguards.

Exhaust system is just the standard 2CV exhaust manifold that feeds a cross-box silencer which fits under the gearbox and from this a straight exit pipe along the body. The exhaust note should be quite enough but have a little bark at revs.

The seats are also a simple set-up bolted to the floor.

I'll add a bit of trim after the MOT and some "road development" is under taken.
But for now it's hopefully just functional enough to drive. :pray2:

redratbike 31st January 2020 21:31

Good work

micky1mo 2nd February 2020 16:54

We got around to fitting the rear internal mudguard.

I take great pride in recycling items. :banplease:
I found this Range Rover air filter in the rubbish.

I cut it about, sorted out the bits I needed then welded it back together.

It ended up making a very simple and very cheap exhaust pipe guard.



Dpaz 2nd February 2020 18:46

I love the heat shield! Its comming along well.

micky1mo 5th February 2020 20:05

Spare wheel fitted Lomax style.
The weight of the spare wheel is held by a long bolt which passes through the wheel then through the side of the car and is fixed in place with a wing nut, the light cradle at the bottom of the wheel is to stop the wheel moving around.

The pedals are now closed in with a cover folded from sheet aluminium.

Smart new coil brackets now hold the coil firmly replacing the cable ties.:eusa_doh:

And finally a pair of mirrors, there not my first choice but they were under the bench so much cheapness. :twitch:

I am just waiting for a new idle jet then I can fire it up and see if ti drives. :roll:

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