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Ex-Biker 15th March 2004 12:28

I've been playing!
I've started a web site. It is nowhere near up to date at the moment, but I am continually updating it.

I need to confirm the costs page with my invoices from Marlin.

Let me know what you think?

LexSport 15th March 2004 13:35

Ahem! Did you forget something, Mark? :biggrin:

Ex-Biker 15th March 2004 16:22


Originally Posted by LexSport
Ahem! Did you forget something, Mark? :biggrin:

I don't know what you mean. :eusa_shhh:

I'm sure everyone else saw the link.


I also need to apologise in advance. There are a few pop-ups.

The site is free hosting and I can't find an easier one to use.

JG 15th March 2004 19:12

Mark, just a thought buy why not register (for only a few quid - hide it into the build cost) a domain all of your own from the likes of hosting-unlimited or some such cheapy - very good package for 30 for a year which will include the domain name.

Just done a quick check and the following are available

etc - you get the picture



Ex-Biker 21st March 2004 19:07

If anyones interested, I have just added the little mod I have done to my dash.


(for Darran :biggrin: )

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