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Munky 26th April 2020 18:29


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 104032)
grind back the gel coat back to the fiberglass lined up the arch so your happy and fixed it with screws for a good fit. next take it off again mix up some resin and basically glue them together using a bit of matting to fill any gaps. put the screws back in till dry drill a few holes and fill with foam dont over fill it could move the arch. when it's all hard remove the screws sand it back and glass over the joint , away you go

Thank you for taking the time to reply and teach me!

This is looking amazing. Canít wait to see your Z3GT when that happens.

Timing seems to be tripping me up. I tried to get in touch with Chris when the 250 came out but there was a little delay and I ended up with a 911 project. Iíve just bought a Caterham project but so tempted by the Z3GT and seeing all the fun you are having...

andysharrock 26th April 2020 18:41

lol zgt is on order and the car is sat striped ready to bolt it on it's even got wire wheels on ready. best thing to do with chris is call him if you need a quick answer. but seems you have got your hands full at the mo. have fun

andysharrock 28th April 2020 16:24

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my car has a light tan dash and interior I don't mind it wife hates it lol. we won't have the car 5 mins when its finished but hey ho anything for a quiet life . I bought a dash from chris I have modified it for a better fit, it now goes all the way down to the screen. started the process of taking a mould off it as I now need two
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Attachment 6738

Lucky@LeMans 28th April 2020 16:40


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 104033)
wired my lights up and also fitted DRL but I am going to switch them so they can be turned off.
I have also wired up for the spotlights in the grill so ebay here I come again. my bank should be called paypal that all it says on the statement.
Attachment 6724

Attachment 6728

with the hinge breaking on the boot lid I made some modifications to MX5 hinges and made some captive bolt plates for the back of the lid . works a treat just need to figure out the latch.
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Attachment 6727

Liking the internal hinges. How have you fixed the hinge onto the body side ? Any photos ? I might do the same my Z3GT convertible

andysharrock 28th April 2020 18:58

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came off the roll cage with some box section welded on then bolted the hinge onto that so I can move them around a bit for adjustments
Attachment 6739

andysharrock 30th April 2020 18:01

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oops i did it again ,for whatever reason the flow coat and the primer did not like each other so I striped the rear end. made a small body mod at the same time. 1st test fit of my new dash fitted first time bit of work should be pukaI cant take all the credit for the dash. I bought one from chris just extended and modified it so it now goes down to the window screen all in one piece

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Mitchelkitman 30th April 2020 18:24


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 104066)
oops i did it again ,for whatever reason the flow coat and the primer did not like each other

I couldn't see what happened to the primer, but guess it created in some way - could it be the wax content of the flowcoat?
Damned auto spelling changed reacted to created! crikey it changed it to reached this time,. but I saw it

andysharrock 30th April 2020 20:26

looked like the flow coat was not 100% set when I primered over it . It looked ok till it was in full sun then you could see it starting to crack ,luckily just on the back panel and boot lid. could have been not mixed properly it was an old tin I have had for years poss gone off will never know all striped off now ready to re primer

Mitchelkitman 30th April 2020 21:54

GRP is strange stuff. I used a plug to make a female mould last year. a few days later I waxed it well several times and made a part in it - a couple of days later there was no way I could get it out and both the part and mould were scrap.
Made a new female mould off same plug, and this time I let it cure for 2 weeks. Similar prep with same wax, and when I made the first part it almost fell straight out.
It seems (reading on the 'net) that if (in this case the female mould) isn't fully cured then some cross-linking of molecules will still take place even with good release prep. If the weather's sunny I leave GRP (if in a good, stable mould that won't move) out in direct sunlight to cook it nicely :smile:

andysharrock 1st May 2020 07:46

thanks for the info Mitchelkitman I have ordered in some gel coat did plan to take a copy off the dash when it's ready. but after your info think I will put it in the boiler house for a few days to cook it.

Mitchelkitman 1st May 2020 08:46


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 104070)
thanks for the info Mitchelkitman I have ordered in some gel coat did plan to take a copy off the dash when it's ready. but after your info think I will put it in the boiler house for a few days to cook it.

You need to ensure it can't move though, otherwise it could change shape in the heat- If it's in a (much thicker) mould whilst it cures then it's very unlikely to sag. If the part isn't in a mould to stabilise it, it may be best left for a couple of weeks in room temperature, maybe left in position in the car?. I know someone who had an old kit which had never been built, and the bootlid hadn't been stored in position. When he offered it up to the car is was clearly bent by a few inches. Held by wood and braced over a few months gradually bent it back to its correct shape. Some people advocate the blue PVA release agent, but I had a part stick using it (similarly made the mould a few days before) so I've never trusted it again. I've heard others have poor results with PVA also.

molleur 1st May 2020 15:05

I use a brand of release wax called "Honey Wax" and green PVA over that for difficult parts. Allow to cure for 48 hours and 100% success.

andysharrock 2nd May 2020 16:51

seats out dash out
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here we go test fitting the new dash so seats out dash out ,I worked out after some jiggling that I can keep the centre console so most of the plastic trims will then refit with minor work in the foot wells. on a plus side saves me loads of work re routing the switches I did look at changing it but keeping out weighs taking it out
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I have ordered some Mirror Glaze 8 Paste Release Wax hopefully it should work for the one off I will be doing . thanks for the info molleur & Mitchelkitman

andysharrock 5th May 2020 19:57

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my release wax arrived yesterday so I got to work making a mold for the next dashboard. it was a bugger to get off the mold is thick around the front and corners so it doesn't flex. I have ordered some pva release agent for when I attempt to make another I am going in belt and braces for the next one wax and pva so it will hopefully pop out . I wish lol

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molleur 5th May 2020 20:02

On difficult parts I use both wax and PVA. I do swear by
"Honey Wax". Much better than the Mirror Glaze.

Lucky@LeMans 5th May 2020 22:39

Glass in a couple tube ports to the mould so you can use some compressed air to help it come apart. You don't need much air, a foot pump can generate enough pressure to separate the two if you haven't got a compressor.

molleur 6th May 2020 13:34

good idea. If using PVA, some water squirted into the mold will help too. PVA is water soluble.

andysharrock 15th May 2020 18:36

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I am waiting on parts from all over the place so having a play with the interior .made up some fiberglass door cars and started on the headlining what a pain
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Attachment 6786

andysharrock 25th May 2020 17:59

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always seem to be waiting on parts at the mo so flicking between cars as they arrive. managed to get one dash in and almost complete,painted with textured paint.
Attachment 6811
after seeing the inside of a zagato without a centre console just carpet I decided the stock BMW console had to go. I made up a mold and set about making a new centre for the other car

Attachment 6812

test fit here's one I just made lol. I've extended the sides so it meets up with the rest of the trim so no gaps

Attachment 6813

some of the switches fitted ,hopefully will get it all in tomorrow and possibly get it painted

Attachment 6814

not going old school with this car I wanted mod cons it's got a dab radio and power charging points for phone etc

Mitchelkitman 25th May 2020 20:46

That's the great thing about Kit Cars - do what you want!

re the PVA, I've never had any luck with it (bits stuck in mould!) it seems so work as a good glue for me. I discussed this with one of the manufacturers about 5 years ago at stoneleigh and he'd also experienced the same.

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