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andysharrock 25th May 2020 21:26

use pva today on top of wax managed to pull the new part out the mold with no effort that's a first for me must be doing something right for a change.

PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol, not be confused with Poly Vinyl Acetate wood glue) mould release agent can be wiped, sponged or sprayed on to a wide range of pattern and mould surfaces to provide a very compatible and reliable release barrier for polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy composites.

Mitchelkitman 30th May 2020 22:24

That's re-assuring. I reckon i did something wrong when i used it! Can you tell the process you used, ie sequence of events and time frame, whether sprayed or sponged PVA?

andysharrock 31st May 2020 08:49

I waxed the dash really filling any imperfections with wax then gave it a good thick coat of Poly Vinyl Alcohol (pva) let it dry in the sun . soon as it was dry applied gel coat .I've taken two more molds since both came off perfect no problem at all. I used school clue first time I ever did it washable pva which worked but run out so I mixed it with proper pva wood glue now that stuck like a bugger lol

andysharrock 31st May 2020 08:55

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