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WorldClassAccident 12th January 2020 09:09

Best place to sell a Range Rover?
I am selling my trusty Range Rover and was wondering where the best place to advertise it. It is probably worth between 6-8K looking at some other adverts. I am not in a massive rush to sell it so don't want to spend a fortune. What are your thoughts / experiences?

1) EBay
2) Autotrader
3) Specialiast RR forum
4) Other?

All advice welcome

Lucky@LeMans 12th January 2020 09:53

I would try all the free online options first.

If you do facebook I know lots of people having success selling through that.

If we get some really bad weather the sales of 4x4's go through the roof ! You might be waiting a while in Southampton though !!

Jaguartvr 12th January 2020 12:48

You reach a far larger audience than any other method. Just be aware that there will be many other Range Rovers for sale so the price must realistic.

WorldClassAccident 12th January 2020 13:14

I will check eBay and Facebook out to work out the price I ask.

Photos here if anyone is interested. 2007 TDV8, good condition and well specced with top of the range stereo, tv in the reare and 4xheated seats etc

WorldClassAccident 12th January 2020 13:20

Wow, the prices are all over the place from 4K - 9K for very similar cars and mileages. I guess I will put mine up for 6,500 and see what happens

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