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Simon Williamson 15th October 2018 19:23

Southern Roadcraft Daytona, and westies and a mystery tintop!
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Hello All,
Nubie to this site, built a wessie in 98, still running it today all year round!, Rescued a 97 se and IVA it a couple of years ago and now a Fatima project and mystery tin top too

Jaguartvr 16th October 2018 00:32

Recognise the Daytona from eBay, looks pretty much as it was or is it an old photo? Do you have the popup headlight pods?
You can post in the Italian section in here as the Daytona Replica site is pretty static.

Simon Williamson 16th October 2018 08:33

Hello Jag
I have converted it to manual, getrag box and now moving on to clutch pedal etc I haven't got the light pods, would like some anyone?? I'll be a while before IVA, and won't paint it until it's passed, spoke to the owner of one that passed the test a couple of years ago so IVA is passable!
Regards Simon

Jaguartvr 16th October 2018 09:13

Spoke to someone in Wales who has a pair of pop up pods, he has a fibreglasser who was willing to take a mould of his and make a pair for 400 which I thought was very steep. May well work out cheaper if a few of us ordered together.
I think leaving it unpainted for the IVA is a very good idea.

Mine is an auto so would possible like to convert it to a manual, did you buy the parts separately or as a package?

Simon Williamson 16th October 2018 11:58

Yes interested in the pods, is your car the blue one? I wanted to start a Facebook group for ease of messaging, I find forums a bit clunky! What's your name and story on your car?
Regards Simon

Jaguartvr 16th October 2018 15:55

Mine is a Tribute 250swbc and also a Robin Hood Daytona 365. Not on facebook but you can post on here or PM me.

JG 16th October 2018 21:10

Yay, another daytona builder. Recognise that pic as well (guessing ebay).

I'm only at the stage of stripping down my TVR before attempting to see if I can marry the inner TVR body to the RH Daytona outer panels I've got. Long way to go.

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