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jmc14 16th September 2019 19:33

Wildcat first drive (Cheetah inspired build)
I love this forum and have appreciated the comments that I've received about my Cheetah inspired build.

It's been quite a process to get here. I've started an stopped on several car projects. On previous ones I've stopped when I got to the point that I could see the results weren't going to meet my expectations. It's taken almost 3 years to build this car. I can say that I'm very happy with the results. I love the looks and it drives and handles very well.

After completion it took 3 months to work through the New York, USA registration process for custom vehicles. I just got the car registered and on the road. I took about 100 mile drive through the winding roads of the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

Here are a few pictures. One is of my son in it so that you can see how the occupants fit into the car. He is 6' 2" tall. The seat can even be mounted lower.

The white body is as it came out of the molds. It's not finished. I laid out the stripe in duct tape to see if I like it. I have a second body being finished in Red. This fall I will switch bodies.

Having Fun

molleur 16th September 2019 20:01

Fantastic! Love to see it eclipsing those Cobra clones.

Mister Towed 17th September 2019 06:48

What a great looking car, and so much more subtle and elegant than those fake snakes.

DaveP 17th September 2019 16:58

Wicked looking motor.

Driving with your bum nearly over the axle must be some experience also.


Paul L 24th September 2019 05:21

Very nice. :cool:

Piguin 24th September 2019 07:23

Good to see it on the road after following your build.

It does look amazingly different, sure it's turning a lot of heads - and most of all, glad to see it also handles according to your taste!

jmc14 17th April 2020 13:54

Hello Everyone, I spent most of the winter in Arizona and San Diego. I should have stayed out west longer. I'm back in my log cabin in the Adirondack mountains of New York. Its still freezing here and spitting snow.

Yesterday I finished switching out the white body with one in Red Gel Coat. I went for a short drive between snow squalls.
I still need to give it a good cleaning.

peterux 17th April 2020 15:32

Wow, that looks amazing!!

keith 17th April 2020 16:15

Looks the real deal. Very Nice!!!!!!

molleur 17th April 2020 21:58


Paul L 25th April 2020 07:14

JMC14 Amazing what a difference the red makes to the car. :cool:

Enjoy, Paul. :)

I was going to say that your car looks very small next to the pickup.

Then I remembered most cars look small compared to those HUGE pickups. :icon_wink:

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