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tytek 21st August 2012 12:19

Sill repair?
Has anyone here had their sills repaired?
I am in the process of having mine done :-(

I got a call from the garage who are doing the repair saying that they couldn't get anything else than genuine Mazda panels costing the same as Greece's national debt...

After a bit of searching I sourced a pair of repair sections on Ebay for less than 90 posted.
They are on their way and should be with me before the weekend.
I'll let you all know how they are and if they are a good supplier.

tytek 24th August 2012 12:16

Repair sections have been dropped off at the garage, lets see how it turns out...

Tribute Automotive 24th August 2012 19:43

Don't forget to ask them to waxoil inside after they have welded, as you will still have water going in there at some time in the future.

See you at the weekend :becky:

tytek 24th August 2012 22:15


Originally Posted by Tribute

See you at the weekend :becky:

Looking forward to it :-D

tytek 15th September 2012 18:48

After wasting 2 weeks waiting for the garage to do something I brought the car back home and bought all the gear I was going to need to do the job.

Here's a few pics of my sills before I start to work on them.

As you can see the drivers side is far worse than the passenger side.

I'll be posting more pics as I go but please be patient as I'm working out of town 5 days a week :-(

Bongo 17th September 2012 19:02

It'll be very interesting and informative to show the before & after pictures as well as a step-by-step guide (including pics) if you've got the time & patience.

tytek 17th September 2012 23:57

I'll do my best. Time at home is in short supply for me at the moment...

tytek 5th October 2012 21:57

I finally made a start on the sills...

I took a flapper wheel to the sill to reveal a heap of filler and a few rust holes.
It looks worse than it is to be honest...

tytek 5th October 2012 22:00

I have since cut out all the rusty material and prepped the area ready to take the new repair section.
I'll do a few before and after pics to show the progress.

Bongo 6th October 2012 22:31

Good to see the work you've got to do on this & how you're going to go about it. I'm a total newbie at this so all advice & guidance is invaluable. Carry on the good work!

tytek 6th October 2012 22:48


Originally Posted by tytek (Post 35799)
I have since cut out all the rusty material and prepped the area ready to take the new repair section.
I'll do a few before and after pics to show the progress.

Just to clarify, the section I've removed from the car's sill is actually around 18" x 5"

It is just the 'skin' of the car and nothing structural, all the inner chassis members are fine apart from a bit of surface rust. The repair section I bought from Ebay more than covers this so no worries there. If you are canny and pay attention to what attaches to what on the car you will see that most of the welds you willneed to do are actually spot welds (or plug welds if you are using a MIG like me) and will be quick and easy to do.
A quick word of advice to any newbies going at their cars with a hand grinder - Don't go deep with the blade, the chassis sections are not far below the surface and can easily be cut if you are not careful. I know this now...:frusty:
As a result of being over enthusiastic with the grinder I have a small section to do a repair on :pout:

The other side will be a breeze (I hope)

Tribute Automotive 11th October 2012 19:38

It could be worse, this is our "workshop" MX5 that we do development/kit fitting demo's on:

The poor old thing lives outside with no side windows, but it starts every single time :love: . I think a replacement will be needed in the Spring....

tytek 11th October 2012 20:10

Bloody hell!!!
The rust worms have been busy :icon_rolleyes:

tytek 13th October 2012 18:40

Well, I've done one side totally (filled and painted) and I'm oosing with confidence.
I am now working on the other side (the worst).
Lots of photos coming so be warned!!!

tytek 13th October 2012 19:25

Here we go...

This is what I started with.

Offer up the new repair section

Scratch the a line with a screwdriver at the top of the repair section.

Carefully grind half an inch from the line being careful not to go too deep - especially at the arch and the front most end as there is metal you need under there!!!

tytek 13th October 2012 19:32

I was able to 'peel' the old metal away due to the amount of corrosion.

This reveals the inner chassis member (and all the rust that has been gathering).

tytek 13th October 2012 19:39

I now carefully run my cutting disk along the under side of the sill to allow me to remove the lower section of the area I am repairing.

Look out for the old spot welds, grinding them away will make the final removal of the old metal easier.

Most of the old metal removed.

tytek 13th October 2012 19:47

Now it's time to clean up the surface rust with the flapper wheel!!!

More to come next week...

Bongo 13th October 2012 21:05

Very informative & helpful Tytek. Is that rusty lump behind the sill skin structural? And how did it get so bad in the first place? Is there any way to stop it happening again?

tytek 13th October 2012 21:15

In my opinion it's all down to the drain holes getting blocked.
All the rust is due to water sitting in the sill and having nowhere to go. I am convinced it's down to people actually trying to solve the problem of the sills rusting by Waxoyling or similar and blocking the drain ways.
The chassis is made of thicker steel than the skin so they seem to have survived the process.

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