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aitchpee 1st November 2017 12:18

Formosa Vitesse 6 build
If anyone is interested, I am working on a new Formosa build based on a 1966 Vitesse 6 running gear, which I aim to complete sometime in 2018 (with a following wind!). My previous experience with component cars was with Kougars, one of which I built, subsequently sold and later bought back to hillclimb/sprint, which was great fun. I had a number of Triumphs over the years (some time ago now though) such as a Vitesse 6, a 2 Litre and a Mark 2, as well as a Spitfire Mark III along the way.

If you would like to follow the build I would be happy to share the progress here - just let me know. Alternatively, I have a private Facebook group documenting the build, to which I can add you - just send me a Facebook friend request (Facebook link)

froggyman 1st November 2017 12:47

Hi, good luck with your build. There is a friendly regular group of people on here who follow the build threads, gain knowledge from, pinch ideas and offer advice if needed. We all seem to like lots of photos and reading reports of progress made. Every ones build is different as is there skill and budget etc..
Look forward to reading your updates.

aitchpee 1st November 2017 13:06

Thanks - I'll see if anyone is interested!

Alex 1st November 2017 14:42

Hi Hugo, I have sent you a friend request on Face book, I am fortunate to have the first one off the block thanks to Gary. I see you are not too far from me so if you ever want to pop over to see a finished one feel free

Barber 1st November 2017 15:12

I am interested to see the build, hopefully on here.

Mister Towed 1st November 2017 15:58

Hi HP, welcome to the forum. I'd also love to follow your build progress and I don't do facebook.

Paul L 1st November 2017 17:05


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 91484)
... I'd also love to follow your build progress and I don't do facebook...

+1 to both of those comments. :cool:

lancelot link 1st November 2017 18:42

Hugo , thank you for starting a thread ...I've seen your chassis resto pics to date and its shaping up quite nicely ...You will get plenty of interest on here if you want to upload some pictures ...

Alex , Hugo came down when your car was over at STS after paint getting the carbs set up etc... I took him over to see her and he took a few pictures etc... here's one of his I nicked off the internet ...

I really like this picture ...shows the car from a different angle to the pics I normally take ...

Jaguartvr 2nd November 2017 08:19

Being picky, but a nice coat of flow coat under the bonnet would really finish it off, it is such a nice build that I think it deserves it.
Also a head rest pad on the hump, apart from that I think you have really nailed it.:first:

lancelot link 2nd November 2017 10:28

It is flowcoated under the bonnet .....

Headrest wise , I know what you are saying but many of the cars of this era didn't have padded headrests , notably the Ferrari's which is the look that Alex wanted we made a decision to leave it as it was ..

micky1mo 2nd November 2017 18:12

That rear light set-up look really good. :thumb:

Barber 3rd November 2017 09:19


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 91506)
It is flowcoated under the bonnet .....

Headrest wise , I know what you are saying but many of the cars of this era didn't have padded headrests , notably the Ferrari's which is the look that Alex wanted we made a decision to leave it as it was ..

I expect they were wearing helmets as well.:icon_wink:

lancelot link 4th November 2017 13:44

Here's a couple of pictures I stole from Aitchpee's facebook page ...It shows the nice quality of finish so far ..the build looks very promising so far ....

I also supplied Hugo with a set of 15'' refurbished wires at the same time we delivered his frame to him ...

Hugo has opted to have his kit in instalments .....frame first and then the bodyshell at a time he requires it ...

I am happy to do this for anyone wanting to spread the cost a bit or have space limitations etc... There is a lot that can be done to the project before the bodyshell is needed , so it makes sense for some builders to go this route ...

aitchpee 8th November 2017 18:20

Gary, you've pipped me to the post and added some of the pics I was going to add here, but I will update with more soon. At the moment, work is all about the engine, which was supposed to have been rebuilt in 1996 and then mothballed, but looks like it was a cosmetic job, since on closer inspection I have found all sorts of horrors. For a start the head looked good initially until I stripped it and found knackered exhaust valves, then the rocker shaft turned out to be scored and worn, requiring replacement of the shaft and posts, not to mention reprofiling the rockers.

I have just taken delivery of an engine stand (unbelievable value at SGS Engineering - link here) and I'm borrowing an engine crane this weekend, so we'll see what the bottom end looks like.

Let me know if you would like to see more as I go. I'm not keen to take shortcuts to get this build absolutely right, so I'm keen to share experience and gain input as I go!

Mister Towed 9th November 2017 07:42

Wow, that engine stand looks like a bargain.

As for the wear on your engine, if it was rebuilt in 1996, you do realise that's twenty-one years ago, don't you? If it's been modified and used since I think it's probably got a right to look a bit tired.

I'm sure you're already aware that the Vitesse/GT6 six pot is a pretty simple and reliable lump in standard tune and puts out enough power to make a car of this weight fun, fast and (reasonably) frugal on the old fuel.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there's no need to modify the crap out of the motor, keep the rebuild simple and standard and you'll end up with a car that's a pleasure to drive and won't let you down.

But, if your idea of fun is base-jumping and you want something scary, speak to Phil J about his 2.6 litre monster that runs six bike carbs and puts 185bhp through the rear tyres. I'd like to say that Phil's car is really fast in a straight line, but the last time I went out with him as a passenger, the entire journey was conducted sideways...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing your build progress.

aitchpee 9th November 2017 17:26

The key word in my summary of the engine above was 'mothballed' as it was never used, since the guy that 'rebuilt' it died shortly after, so it sat in a barn until I bought the rolling chassis. I'm not going to mod the engine as the 1600 is lovely and smooth with plenty of oomph for such a light body.

lancelot link 12th July 2018 08:06

Hugo came down last week to sort out his bodyshell ... All sat waiting for him ...

aitchpee 12th July 2018 08:53

Update 12th July 2018
2 Attachment(s)
Thanks for posting the pics Gary. The laminators' workshop was very profesional and enough space to store the body until I'm ready for it, which is great.

In the meantime the engine has been crated up and gone off to Sam at Ivor Searle for a full rebuild, since the previous rebuild wasn't up to the standards I want for this car.

The inlet manifold was a bit skanky, so that has now arrived back from Ian Gittings, who has done a fantastic job. I'll post some pics.

I finally sorted out the lack of Type 12 brake calipers as Fitchetts had a pair, which are ready to fit, together with the new wire wheel conversion kit.

On the aesthetics front, I'm probably going for a Jaguar Regency Red body with magnolia/ivory hide full width moulded seats. I built a Kougar a number of years ago in the same colours which looked great. I also saw a Ronart yesterday by chance, which had the same seat arrangement that I am going for, with the headrest incorporated into the seat cover.

Enough rambling for now...

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