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seanick 25th October 2012 19:47

Seanicks Unnecessary Life Complication
I never planned to actually buy one, only take a look! A rare free saturday in June saw myself and a friend driving his MX5 down to Poole to meet Chris at Tribute and see the red demo 250.
I instantly fell for its luscious italian curves, and driving the MX5 home clinched the plan together. A summer of rain had meant I had been either soaked or frustrated by my current topless roadster, although on a warm summers evening I new it would be hard to beat.

I ended up buying my mates MX, he had spent loads on suspension, cam advance, chipped edu and de-cat exhaust, so it went liked greased weasel sh**t!
About the end of August I picked up body number 15. It was the first 'de-vented rear plus jag nose that Chris had done, as was my preference.
Picked it up on a trailer, I think the two bits snugged together are about 6 1/2' long by 4' high.

seanick 25th October 2012 19:51
The boy is happy, even though he is not sure what it is.
'Daddy, we have got too many cars'
Yes son, You may have a point!

seanick 25th October 2012 20:02

I had spent a few evenings removing bits from the Mazda, and bit by bit they were selling on Ebay. By the time I collected the body on the saturday I only had the rear bumper and front wings to sunday saw 'driveway chaos's...
Had some help 'Daddy I need a 11mm'

seanick 25th October 2012 20:06

It seemed the safest place to but the new body was on the car....

seanick 25th October 2012 20:11


After trimming the wings back I pressure washed all over. No rust anywhere! Its like new. I shall spray it all with waxyoil whilst its easy to get to.

seanick 25th October 2012 20:14
A good distant shot showing the front end.

tytek 25th October 2012 20:16

Great series of photos!!!

Tribute Automotive 25th October 2012 20:21

Well done Nick! I have been looking forward to your slant on the MX250, and so far I'm impressed! Anyone would think you have written books and appeared on television! I'm staying tuned for the next episode.......

seanick 25th October 2012 20:26


Originally Posted by Tribute Automotive (Post 36632)
Well done Nick! I have been looking forward to your slant on the MX250, and so far I'm impressed! Anyone would think you have written books and appeared on television! I'm staying tuned for the next episode.......

Well I was on episode 7 of wartime farm, on me boat....

seanick 25th October 2012 20:35

At this point, about mid August, I decided I wanted to source and fit the wheels before bonding on the body.
And so began the hunt for the perfect wheels.......

Some were too 11"
some too big....
Some too small...

seanick 25th October 2012 20:53

After spending a month of evenings searching fleabay, piston heads and Gumtree I gave up. By now I had sold the BBS Alloys and the car was on bricks. A mate leant me some 13" corsa wheels for the rear which look cool fitted inside out, even if very silly!! A spacesaver on the front and an Astra sport steel wheel completed The Look!

I then decided to go for steel wheels, but banded to get the size I wanted. I contacted a set up up north with a nice website and they agreed to source vauxhall wheels, band them, shotblast and spray them. However after four weeks nothing had happened, due to the owner having an accident on his bike. Eventually I received a refund, then began to search for someone else to do the job. Found the wonderful James on some forum, who offered to do the job.
I found a perfect set if Mk1 MR2 Wheels which I sent him.the rears to have a 2" band fitted. Picked them up last weekend.....a perfect job. This is what your mit welding should look like folks.....

They will have three eared spinners and nice tall tyres!
These are one fwd and one banded rear.

I get them back from the powder coaters tomorrow

Tribute Automotive 25th October 2012 21:16

Very nice wheels. How much did he charge to band the pair?

seanick 25th October 2012 21:22

50 each. Rims parted on a lathe, band added, all tacked up and checked for run out before welding fully. The welds are what I call gas bottle quality.

Where did you find your' Dunlop rims'?

seanick 26th October 2012 17:49

[IMG][/IMG]The rims are back from powder coatin
And a nice stack of rubber to stick on them.


Paul L 26th October 2012 22:38


Originally Posted by seanick (Post 36624)
... I never planned to actually buy one ... A summer of rain..

Such a familiar story. :icon_wink:

Great work so far and it is great when your children can help. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

seanick 27th October 2012 23:10

Finally got the new wheels on, and drove it (dont read this Towed) to the workshop. Front body held on with ratchet straps, and rear suspension held up on wooden blocks so the tyres clear.
Got one wheel arch cut out and welded back together. Hope to do the other one tomorrow.

seanick 28th October 2012 19:16

Got down to the workshop for a couple of hrs today and tweaked the rear arch. Because my mc is lowered by 40mm and I like large tyres I am having to tweak the arches.

You dont normally have to do this on Tributes kit, its just me!

Heres the issue.......
only 10mm of travel.
Chopped out with a grindette
working a new flange out the other way[IMG][/IMG]

Both inner wing and outer now flanged together and drilled for plug welding

Finally welded back together

seanick 28th October 2012 22:08

Thats better.[IMG][/IMG]

I have added the roll cage braces to the screen. Again this is a deviation from Tributes design, but I wanted to maximise headroom, so came up with this:

the front is bolted with 5xm5 s/s bolts. [IMG][/IMG]s/s hex heads, so no welding near the screen

tytek 29th October 2012 00:17

Nice work, glad to see you are making good progress.

Mister Towed 29th October 2012 08:22


Originally Posted by seanick (Post 36743)
...drove it to the workshop, rear suspension held up on wooden blocks so the tyres clear.

Hmm, that should assist my road policing colleagues with their enquiries...

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