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micky1mo 1st May 2018 17:42

SAMMIo HQ- - Ashley project
I have recently acquired a 60's Ashley 1172 body.

The Ashley's were designed to fit a Ford Popular sit-up-and-beg style car but a Triumph Herald is a close enough match so I started with this Triumph Vitesse.

Cut it SAMMIO style.

Then placed the Ashley body over the top.

It fitted quite well and was a little short around the bulkhead area, but it was abundantly clear the bonnet would not cover the engine unless I made a bulge the size of a up-turned wheel-barrow placed on top the bonnet. :wacko:

I then turned my attention to a Triumph Herald 13/60 rolling chassis.
I thought the smaller engine would give more room under the bonnet so it was also chopped SAMMIO style and the body placed over it.

Again a reasonable fit but the engine was still causing problems under the bonnet. I also noticed the brake and clutch master cylinder were sitting too high to fit under the bonnet.

IMHO the solution is to build a bespoke steel cage frame to support the body and to move the engine back to give a little extra room.

Barber 2nd May 2018 09:40

Full marks for taking it on. There are a lot prettier bodies that could go on the chassis though. It is what JagTVR would describe as fugly to my eyes. I will watch with interest, and hope to be amazed.

Jaguartvr 2nd May 2018 11:56

Bonnet bulge by MrTowed?

Stick it in the bin and put a Tribute D type on it. Just doesn't warrant the hard work, sorry.

oxford1360 2nd May 2018 12:02

We all know that Mickey attends Kit Builders Anonymous each week. He can't help himself.

Mickey, you are doing the industry a service to keep these bodytubs on the road. Have you thought about Lottery Money for a museum?

That said, is anyone going to love an Ashley is as much as a lowercase d-type?

micky1mo 2nd May 2018 15:57

I know it's got the looks only a mother could love but it's a classic. :puke:

Mister Towed 2nd May 2018 17:19


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 94654)
I know it's got the looks only a mother could love but it's a classic. :puke:

I dunno, in a decent colour and with just a flyscreen it doesn't look too bad to me -

Mind you, it needs lowered floors and laid-back seats to avoid the Noddy Syndrome -

Barber 2nd May 2018 17:25

You have to squint pretty heavily though.

micky1mo 2nd May 2018 17:30

The "classic" shape grows on you after a while.

I plan on cutting out the flat rear deck and grafting the rounder SAMMIO ALPHA rear deck and boot lid.
Might also try a MG Midget aluminium windscreen as well.:icon_cool:

We'll just have to wait and see what it ends-up looking like. :popcorn:

micky1mo 2nd May 2018 21:33

To get this body to fit better I needed more room around the engine.
I took advise from this forum and swapped the suspension turrets around.

I undone the upper suspension arms and unbolted the top of the shocks. This was all that needed to be done to enable the turrets to be unbolted and removed.

Sure enough when the turrets was relocated on opposite sides the engine mounts were over 8 inches rearward.

This is where it all when wrong. :frusty:

When I tried to line up the engine mounts to there new home I found I could only move the engine rearward about half way .

As you can see the engine mounts clearly need to go back another few inches but the gearbox bell housing is hard against the main chassis rail both sides.

If you look closely you will see there is also issues with the gearbox rear end now sitting high on the chassis !!

I measured the engine mounts on this 4 cylinder engine and compared them with the 6 cylinder engine only to find they were with-in a few mm of each other.

So, have I done some thing wrong, which is very possible as this is the first time I have swapped the turrets. :drama:
Failing this does the chassis have to be "chopped" to allow room for the gearbox?
I am concerned because I think chopping the chassis at this point will seriously weaken the whole chassis structure. These wishbone style chassis are famous for twisting at this point when involved in a frontal traffic accident!!

I'm hopping I have done some thing wrong or I'v wasted a mornings work swapping the turrets and created another morning work swapping the turrets back.:nono:

andrewhush 3rd May 2018 10:11

My old spartan kit has the engine approx 5 1/2" back by bolting the engine mounting to a small triangular steel plate (supplied in the kit) which was then drilled and bolted to the rear existing flange of the tower in its original position. My kit has spartan's own chassis with wide spaced straight main chassis rails so bellhousing edge clearance was not an issue, but the mounting method above was intended to work with the standard triumph chassis as well. I can send a photo if someone can tell me how as I haven't posted any pics since photobucket changed.

micky1mo 3rd May 2018 13:11

andrewhush A photo would be most appreciated. :yo:

micky1mo 4th May 2018 12:06


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 94688)
andrewhush A photo would be most appreciated. :yo:

Thanks for the photo.

The modification to the engine mount can clearly bee seen. :icon_biggrin:

andrewhush 4th May 2018 13:46

For watchers info the chassis is spartans own with the main front to back chassis rails 3" further apart than the triumph chassis rails. To use the small triangular brackets seen in this pic on a sammio with a triumph chassis with the towers closer together would need some modification to the towers or the brackets joining the rubber mounting to the engine block. If you look closely further away and to the left of the rubber mounting you can see the original bolt holes for the mounting block.

Paul L 6th May 2018 07:58

Micky1Mo – I hope this doesn’t come across as too harsh and I know it is probably the accountant in me, but…

Why start a new project, when the Sammio Alpha is now finally ready to be promoted?

Given all the time and money you have invested in the Alpha, I would focus on that first.

But, as always, what do I know? :icon_wink:

Either way, good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 6th May 2018 09:42


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 94760)
Micky1Mo –…

Why start a new project, when the Sammio Alpha is now finally ready to be promoted?

Given all the time and money you have invested in the Alpha, I would focus on that first.

Either way, good luck, Paul. :)

Paul L Thanks for your interest but I build cars for a living so any build is a means to an end and can be an enjoyable distraction from the norm.
As far as the ALPHA is concerned, only when I am satisfied the ALPHA is ready will I start promoting it.
Remember the issues you had with your body and how disappointed you were!!!:pout:

Yorkshireman has knowingly taken on the first build and I'll wait and see what he make of the conversion.

A conversion such as the ALPHA will never be perfect but with time and effort it can be quality product that a customer would be pleased with.

I takes very little time and effort to deal with happy customer. :peace:

Paul L 7th May 2018 07:47

Mike – You know I am a firm believer in testing a product before selling it. :icon_wink:

My mistake was quickly looking at this photo and thinking the Alpha was now ‘good to go’. :cool:

But I now realise that the bonnet on the left belongs to this Ashley project, not an Alpha. :rolleyes:

So just ignore me and carry on.

Cheers, Paul. :)

scimjim 2nd June 2018 21:34

With the original Ashley links with Reliant (look up Sabra/Sabre) it’s a pity you didn’t put this on an SS1 :)

Barber 12th June 2018 23:03

I have been on holiday in Verona, and visited a car museum nearby. Amazingly my wife saw a poster for it, and said she would love to see some of the older Italian cars in the flesh.

Two of them were of interest wrt to the small / simple lines, a Zanussi and a Fiat 500. The Zanussi is red, and the Fiat 500 is light blue.

They altered my previous opinion of this project.

Note the "bucket" footwell in the last picture.

micky1mo 13th June 2018 19:10

Very nice with simple lines.
Are the cars as small as they look in the photos ?

Barber 13th June 2018 19:19

The Fiat 500 is tiny, the Zanussi 1100 and Fiat 1100 were a bit bigger, about as long as a Z3 I would guess, maybe the Zanussi a bit longer than the Fiat.

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