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fallenofftrack 2nd January 2018 09:52

New classical kit car?
Hi everyone,

I made a registration in this forum because I have heard the release of a new classical model kit car from sin cars(I haven't heard about them till now) and I would like to ask if someone is familiar with that topic? Does someone has experience with the brand because I am very interested in purchasing the kit from them.

Thank to everyone in advance!

Jaguartvr 2nd January 2018 10:55

Only Sin cars that comes up after a google search is 179,999.

Probably just a tad more than most of the builders on here will want to pay.

If you have a link to the one you are looking at?

fallenofftrack 2nd January 2018 11:38

At first I just saw a post on Instagram with not much info in it.

There is more detailed information on their FB page but my idea is to see if there is someone with experience with the brand because I do not know if I could trust them.

Mitchelkitman 2nd January 2018 14:35

From all I can see on the link it doesn't look as though anyone's about to make a car

redratbike 2nd January 2018 15:49

Classical? Looks like a modern supercar to me

redratbike 2nd January 2018 15:52

Here's there uk website

Lot of talk with some renderings ...please don't ha d over any cash unless you at least see someone else has first and built one

fallenofftrack 4th January 2018 05:47

Yes, ofcourse, I will wait to see the presentation at the Geneva motorshow

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