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Barber 16th November 2018 15:24

Austin 7 Swallow
I saw this recently at the Coventry Auto Museum. It made me wonder if it could be done on a Suzuki Jimny chassis? Small, tall, sit up and beg. The Jimny is a little wider and a little longer, but it could be a goer. The JC Midge Mk2 used the Suzuki as a doner, but it looks like it never took off.

Slightly Noddyish I know, but in that colour, and with the aluminium bonnet, it just appealed.

redratbike 16th November 2018 15:28

Think the jimny just sits too high personally unless you completely change the suspension

Barber 16th November 2018 15:38

It is high certainly, and it would never pass for a replica, but it can just about look OK.

redratbike 17th November 2018 12:11

I suppose if you build it in such a way the body is lower or panels extended lower to offset the midge high body look you can pull it off

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