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Jeff H 19th January 2019 13:22

Is this a record price asked for a Tribute ?

JG 19th January 2019 15:15

I think it must be :scared:

Looks like the one that was advertised on ebay forever for around 39k

Jaguartvr 19th January 2019 16:00

A couple of DNA Californias on eBay for 176 +178k
Methinks someone is having a laugh

Hughandjen 19th January 2019 16:51


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 98674)
Browsing Pistonheads and came across this.

I need to build a few of these and retire!!!!

davecymru 19th January 2019 18:22

Get it in front of the right market and the world is your lobster!

Put it on fleabay and have everything queried to the n'th degree by keyboard warriors, as i found out last year!

IanA 19th January 2019 18:30

"Gears 8
Driven Wheels All Wheel Drive - Permanent"
I don't think so...
I'd be quibbling about the non-Marchal spotlights and the non-Borrani wheels at that price.
Looks nice though.

Lucky@LeMans 19th January 2019 19:09

They have had that car for sale for quite a while now. I think the dealer is a bit of a dreamer and can't even put an advert together that makes any sense !

WorldClassAccident 19th January 2019 19:16

They describe it as a 5 seater which probably explains the extra costs

Hughandjen 19th January 2019 19:28

Specialist Cars of Malton are primarily a top end second hand Porsche dealer. They have some amazing cars in stock at eye watering prices. I think they have priced this wrong though.

Jaguartvr 20th January 2019 01:20

Didn't sell at 39K and the doors only open half way. Subtle "F" badge on the wing will out most buyers off.
If it had a tow bar a lot of the local caravan club might be interested. Make a change from a Range Rover or L200.

NeilF355 20th January 2019 10:54

If you look at the original advert on the sellers website it has the correct description.

A previous owner fitted the Msport 3.2ltr engine but that still doesn't justify the
asking price IMHO

Barber 10th February 2019 17:53

Anyone who thinks about buying this and does not cut and paste the title description into google then read the obvious deserves to be parted with their money. The Tributes are lovely, not perfect, but still brilliant fun. As for the price asked? I am reminded of a line from one of the songs in Les Miserables, "A flea can bite the bottom of the Pope in Rome."

WorldClassAccident 10th February 2019 21:00

2K more than the convertible

smash 11th February 2019 13:52

Thing about the DNA it has exclusivity like the original. It's no longer made and who knows how many complete examples are out there.

Tributes are selling decent numbers (I think) and so will never command those figures, not least because they can be built for you for less than third of that asking price.

3.2 motor is nice but have the mounts been reinforced at the back? Z3M is legendary for tearing it's own arse off! :D

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