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andysharrock 22nd December 2015 15:29

new project started tribute hot rod
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Christmas present to myself 3.1 gte race cam fitted re-board 17k on the clock with all the mots to back up the mileage .seems a shame to give it the chop but it will make a nice 32 ford pick up rod when its finished

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redratbike 22nd December 2015 17:42

Hardy county hot rod body by any chance

Chris @tribute has a hot rod project on a scimitar chassis on ebay at the moment

andysharrock 22nd December 2015 18:29

yes and yes I have seen the one chris has no doors be a bugger to get in and out of with or without the roof. could just be me getting old but do think doors are a must these days.

Tribute Automotive 23rd December 2015 18:11

Your SE5 Scimitar's wheelbase is 5" shorter than the SE6 I have on ebay, but I am sure that won't be a problem for your grinder!

Cutting doors in it isn't too much of an issue as we have a 32 coupe mould with the same length of door.

andysharrock 23rd December 2015 18:41

body gone
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I need to do some repairs on the chassis so stretching it will not be a problem, I fancy going old school on the pickup bed and building one from wood add that to a 32 close cab with a roof should look sweet. need to find a good spares shop for brakes and poly bush kit if anyone knows of please pass it on.
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Chris if you can give me a price for a full 32 close cab with doors bonnet a grill etc would be good cheers

Tribute Automotive 23rd December 2015 19:35


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 73590)
I need to do some repairs on the chassis so stretching it will not be a problem...

I meant cutting the bodywork.....

andysharrock 23rd December 2015 19:43


Originally Posted by Tribute Automotive (Post 73591)
I meant cutting the bodywork.....


andysharrock 24th December 2015 17:43

one for the petrol heads
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note to self I need a engine hoist
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I'm getting to old to man handle engines

ned 24th December 2015 18:11

you dont hang about do you !!! i used to have a 3.1 Burton Performance mk1 Capri it was so much fun in the wet .

andysharrock 27th December 2015 20:00

had a few days off
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well its now almost official it will be a tribute build after all thanks to Chris supplying a kit.
engine hoist on order if not a bit late the chases is now well striped jet washed and mostly degreased going to start welding tomoz and get it repainted then rebuild the brakes by that time my kit should not be far away :target:

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last week
Attachment 3063
this week
Attachment 3064
outriggers need replacing to suit the kit
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think the exhaust had a slight blow
time for a big glass of wine :amen:

Ollie 28th December 2015 12:01

Err....hate to be a killjoy....but lopping off the outriggers and making new ones to taper to the car, means the chassis has been altered, which means....IVA....
Just sayin'....

andysharrock 29th December 2015 20:10


Originally Posted by Ollie (Post 73663)
Err....hate to be a killjoy....but lopping off the outriggers and making new ones to taper to the car, means the chassis has been altered, which means....IVA....
Just sayin'....

ho bugger never thought of that heres me enjoying myself lol

andysharrock 29th December 2015 20:20

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this is what the plan is for the new outriggers that have been fitted on the chassis
Attachment 3067

Attachment 3068

of course like all good things soon as its changed over on the documents small modifications could take place but I quite like the running board look

Ollie 29th December 2015 20:22

Could standard outriggers be hidden with running boards...maybe...?!
Sorry to put a damper on it, but hate to see you build it then have problems getting it legally on the road...
PS, hope you do build it, i love hot rods..

Ollie 29th December 2015 20:23

Haha you beat me to it....:icon_smile:

WorldClassAccident 30th December 2015 08:41

My G46 build was on a SE5 but seems to have disappeared. It had details of the bushing kits and brake kits I used.

Check if yours is an SE5 or a SE5A as the suspension bushes are different. Also the starter motors are different as one uses pull engagement and one uses push. Unfortunately I can't remember which used which.

These guys are good for spares :

Have fun

Roadster 30th December 2015 12:45

Great looking rod
What style have you in mind for it Rat ,retro or Street rod

andysharrock 30th December 2015 18:36

ye wish it was mine unfortunately its just to show how I plan to cover the outriggers. the kit I have got on order from chris is pretty much the same and will look the same. old school all the way no mud guards and fancy a dab of rust effect paint. doing a full rebuild on the chassis running gear so it will be all new ready to run shame about the budget lol

andysharrock 6th January 2016 18:00

parts are stacking up
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hoping most of my parts will be here this weekend to start the chassis suspension rebuild got just about everything but the shockers 500quid is the best I can find bummer. just spent 500 on the wheels been an expensive week ho well be worth it when its finished, and look mean
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smoothie wheels
Attachment 3090

y cymro 6th January 2016 19:21

Love the wheels. Where are they from?

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