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Knockout 11th March 2018 17:09

Sylva Striker Design Weights

I'm finally at the end of my 2000 Sylva Striker build (yes I know, it's been a long time coming) and wanted to confirm the design weights for the axles if someone could please help? I have noted down at some point in the past that Axle 1 = 440kg and Axle 2 = 400Kg. I just wondered if anyone (with a similar vintage car or excellent memory) could confirm that this is correct.



Mitchelkitman 21st March 2018 09:25

I can't help directly with your question, however I may be able to point you in the right direction! This may be for IVA purposes? You need to be careful of not quoting the weight of the vehicle at each axle - that is not the figure required (my apologies if you already know that.) If you have sourced the axles from a donor car (eg Ford Escort rear axle) it will be the design weight of that rear axle, and may be available from a Haynes manual. This figure will always be more than the weight of the vehicle on that axle. Probably a good 50% more IIRC.

Knockout 21st March 2018 21:50

Thanks very much for the reply. Yes, it's for the IVA and registration. I've now managed to confirm the weights as axle 1 = 440kg, axle 2 = 400kg, with a max gross weight = 800Kg

Thanks again


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