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xpk_06 18th June 2006 00:44

This is abit differunt can anyone help?
First post so hi all, wondering if you guys mite be able to point me in the rite direction.

My dad made me this when i was 10

It runs on a electric motor at the moment but im planning to put a scooter engine in it and the scooter wireing loom, along with indecators speedo ect.

can anyone tell me what else I need to do, to make it road legal?

Many thankz all.

xpk_06 18th June 2006 00:52

lol the GTM badges are there because my full names George Thomas May if anyone was wondering.

kenmorton 24th June 2006 22:52

O.K. theoretically you could probably get it S.V.A.ed but would it be worth the expence ?

JG 25th June 2006 12:10

LOL, feed it steroids.


LotusNova 27th June 2006 07:07

Anything's possible if you want it bad enough. If that's what you want to do, then go for it.

I would recommend that you buy a copy of the SVA manual as a starting point. It's not 100% clear in all areas, but it will give you a good idea where the goalposts are, and allow you to guestimate the time & money required to complete your project.

Good luck.

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