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Nubodi Automotive 22nd December 2017 17:17

Testarossa 250 tr project
My absolute dream car is a Ferrari Testarossa 250 TR, however as only 5 were made they are quite expensive. Obviously if it had not been for the expense of Christmas I would have bought one. er-hmm.
So when I heard Gary was offing a kit for a 1950/60's race car I went to have a look to see if it could be modified to resemble the TR.

I was impressed with the first finished car and immediately put my order in.
However I was not prepared for the shock I had when I collect my kit.
The gelcoat finish was equal to the best I have ever seen. The coloured gelcoat is as good a quality as my Ultima spyder! You could just sand out the slight mould lines and polish it to a mirror finish.

Another nice bonus was the whole inside of the kit was painted in red Flowcoat. This was something I usually do anyway on a build but it was done for me...nice touch.

redratbike 22nd December 2017 18:45

Watching this with interest

Sounds like a great project

Nubodi Automotive 22nd December 2017 19:05

I dont want a Triumph based car or a Reliant. I would like better roadholding, brakes and power.
I plan on using a TVR Griffith or a Chimaera, with as much horsepower as possible. This has the correct wheelbase and the width can be modified easily if necessary. I want 6" rims minimum.

Sorry for the huge pictures but I'm sure some of you like the detail. Here's roughly what shape I want

Nubodi Automotive 22nd December 2017 19:10

This will not be a quick build as I work 7 days a week on customer builds but it should be worth it as I will be able to get each part as close to the real thing as possible.

lancelot link 22nd December 2017 19:39

Thank you Richard .... I am pleased with the bodies ...The guys I use are very professional ..most of their laminating is done for the oil industry and is regulated ... I was lucky to get my foot in the door as Roy , one of the partners , is a friend of mine ...they don't do much outside work generally .....

I did smile as Martin , the laminator was running around polishing the panels and cleaning them up as you were throwing them on the trailer !!

Nubodi Automotive 22nd December 2017 20:08

Did you see his face when we dumped two other fibreglass kits on top of it? Priceless.

Shall I send him a picture when I've glued the front to the back and chopped out a bonnet?

Seriously though if anyone is out there not sure about taking the plunge and ordering one of these kits, Ive been building cars for 37 years and this is one of the best designed, finished, strong, value for money kits I've ever seen. Buy with confidence.

Paint it red its a Ferrari, paint it light green its an Aston, racing green its a Jaguar, silver its a Mercedes or Maserati..whats not to like?

Just look at the quality of these door class.

Nubodi Automotive 23rd December 2017 16:23

If anyone on the forum hears about a TVR (Rover V8 based) damaged or fire damaged, non running or just cheap could they please let me know.

I would really appreciate it, Happy Christmas to you all. Richard

Jaguartvr 23rd December 2017 18:30

You've got more chance of being bitten by a daffodil than finding a cheap TVR V8. Most tend to have panel damage which is quite easy to repair. Chassis damage is expensive. V8 engine , gearbox and ECU tend to go for about 5K

Cheapest I have seen for a while

TVR pre registered a lot of cars in 92 to get around the emissions test. Pre 93 cars don't have a cat and sound much nicer.

Nubodi Automotive 23rd December 2017 20:42

I appreciate what you are saying but there are some gems out there to be found.
I saw that one on ebay but they are dreaming.
My top budget is 5K but you can recoup a fair chunk of that selling the parts you don't want.
I'm registered with all the salvage auctions but the more people are helping look the more chance of a bargain.
I saw a Griffith for 2800 early this year but was not ready then. There will be more.

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