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kon 24th September 2018 12:37

cant see the pics :(

Paul L 26th September 2018 16:25

I’m getting a ‘No entry’ sign where the photos should be. :icon_sad:

cbjroms 28th September 2018 12:04

Hopefully photos work now had to use Postimage!

Paul L 29th September 2018 11:35

As if my magic...

The photos appeared. :cool:

Looks like your build is gaining some momentum, so keep at it.

Good luck, Paul. :)

cbjroms 23rd November 2018 14:36

I feel that I have made some good progress over the last few months and am starting to think about fitting the screen.

Laying the screen across the front scuttle suggests that it is a bit wider than I would have expected. But then I think to myself that this being a Sammio modifications are almost inevitable. Cant see me chopping off the ends (!!) but maybe the curve needs to be sharepend-up?

As always, I would be grateful for any tips and tricks that anyone can give me on this.

Mister Towed 23rd November 2018 19:08

Hi CBJ, put down the hacksaw and step away from the Sammio. Don't cut the ends off the screen!

The screen and its base are both flexible and need to be pulled in at the ends to narrow the overall width. That will make it fit across the width of the car, make the angle of the screen steeper and bend the base into the correct shape to snugly fit over the contours of the body.

I pinned mine at one end with a self-tapper then compressed the other end to see if it sat right. It took two or three attempts to get it exactly right, then I used 'well nuts' along its length to bolt the screen frame down onto the body without needing access to the underside of the bulkhead. They have the added bonus of providing some shock absorbtion.

I do hope that all makes sense.

Barber 23rd November 2018 20:11

Again, the value of madabout to aid those who need help, and the generosity of those who have trod the path already, giving rapid, useful advice. This forum is brilliant. Less than 5 hours to get the answer.

lancelot link 23rd November 2018 20:27

You can start by affixing the centre of the screen and work outwards going left and then right , left again then right working out each time and pulling it into place as you go has been said , the curve needs profiling into shape ...

micky1mo 25th November 2018 20:13

It looks like you'v already fitted the windscreen to the windscreen surround making the whole thing quite ridged.
You might find it easier if you separating the windscreen surround and the windscreen.
Fit the surround as suggested by Mister Towed and Lancelot Link, then (after it's fixed securely) bolt or screw the windscreen to the surround. :nod:

cbjroms 25th November 2018 20:44

Thanks everyone

swifty 5th December 2018 21:07

Not sure if you have finished the screen mounting but if you go to my build swifty navigator page 21 you will see how I approached the screen.

Mister Towed 6th December 2018 08:28

Try post 536 on my build thread if you want to see how I managed mine.

cbjroms 6th December 2018 13:46

Thanks Towed, your build thread reamins my 'go-to' reference. But I had missed your screen discussions. Keep thinking of going the same way as you with the dash but then revert back to sticking with the supplied dash due to simplicity.

cbjroms 6th December 2018 13:47

Thanks Swifty, your build covers the way I would dearly like to finish my car but your skills are in a different league to mine.

Mister Towed 6th December 2018 15:17

Glad you're still finding my build thread useful after all this time. The 550 dash wasn't particularly difficult to fit and I liked it so much I've actually sourced another one for my 356 Speedster. It'll need stretching to match the cockpit width, just like on the Spyder, but will be well worth the effort and leave me with a unique look (again). The plan is to make it look like a Wendler prototype...

lancelot link 6th December 2018 21:27

I can do a Formosa dash that will be wide enough for the Sammio as it is a stretched 356 fundamentally ..

cbjroms 10th December 2018 17:18

I am looking for some advice as to the lines of the car moving forward from the front of the cockpit through the bonnet.

The images below will hopefully show what I mean. The first and last photos show where a straight edge exists between the side of the cockit and along into the bonnet. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos show where there is a significant gap between a straight edge.

I had intended, as you will see, to build shoulder of the scuttle/bonnet up so that the line is flat. But now it seems that alot of filling wil be required and I cant make up my mind as to whether it will actually benefit or even spoil the look of the car.

All opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Mitchelkitman 10th December 2018 17:45

Modify the 'straight bit' to match the rest?
It may work, and once the body is painted (unless someone puts a straight edge to such areas) may not be noticeable anyway.

Mister Towed 10th December 2018 19:17

This isn't meant to be a criticism whatsoever, but there's no such thing as a straight edge, true radius or the slightest kind of symmetry about a Sammio body shell, and they're none the worse for it.

you could put a huge amount of effort into trying to get the shell 'straight' and/or symmetrical, but it'd be easier and quicker to get the House of Commons to agree a Brexit deal.

I'd recommend you make a few changes to things that might irritate you - I took a flat area out of the off-side front wheel arch and built up the passenger side cockpit edge because there was a noticeable dip - but don't sweat too much about the overall shape, just finish it, paint it and enjoy it for what it is, a homage to the racing cars of the 1950's that looks a million dollars and turns heads like nothing else on wheels.

Lucky@LeMans 10th December 2018 21:53

Don't worry about it too much. Filler where required to even things up . If you try to make everything symmetrical you will be chasing your tail. I've found some errors on my ali body 250 TR having taken some measurements but you would have to measure the car to spot the difference from left to right.

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