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smonza 10th June 2020 10:13

Ribble Pilot Build
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Hi All
Thought it about time l put a post on about my car l put together a few years ago. Had the herald 1200 in bits for about 20 years, body in a right mess. Saw the Ribble pilot body and read all about what you guys had done with sammio's. So off we go, every part bead blasted and repainted, and three years later, job done.

oxford1360 10th June 2020 10:17

That looks great. Could you add some more pics of the interior and under the bonnet?

smonza 10th June 2020 11:28

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Hi, I would be glad to, Thanks

wharfedale 10th June 2020 12:33

Nice job !!

Jerome 10th June 2020 18:41

Very nice!
I like the combination ex-and interior...same as mine:lol::lol::lol::lol:
You don't want to drive this in the wet with such a luxury interior.


Mister Towed 10th June 2020 19:16

Lovely colour and very well finished. Well done!

smonza 10th June 2020 19:49

Thank you,
the colour is Aston Martin California sage green.

Grey V8 Pete 11th June 2020 13:04

Very smart and nice detail. Love the low level front 3/4 shot!

HouseMartin 11th June 2020 19:28

Nice interior
I do like the different shades of brown.

Can I will steal that idea if you don't mind?
Especially as you seem to have used the Scimitar GTE seat and i have still to finish mine after 7 years.


smonza 12th June 2020 09:56

I don't mind at all, I got the Leatherette from Dunelm mill. The seats are from a scimitar. I used to have a SE5a and the seats had the shape and period look I wanted. They are in great nick and a steal at 22 off Ebay, I think the seller was gutted they didn't fetch more.
The steering wheel is from a Morris minor, had to change the centre spline.

micky1mo 12th June 2020 11:36

Look very nice and I think the seats are well suited to the car as is the colour, well done! :eusa_angel:

That looks like a Cordite or should I say Navigator bonnet.

smonza 12th June 2020 17:16

Yep, Pilot body and navigator bonnet from Ribble Kits and Classics. I may have got the last body from him before he shut shop.

Paul L 13th June 2020 06:19

smonza Congratulations, you have a beautiful car. :cool:

Three years also sound like a pretty fast build for one of these too.

So, it is never too late to share some stories / more photos from the build itself. :icon_wink:

The bonnet scoop is an obvious mod.

But did you also have to do the graft the bottom of the bonnet onto the side of the bodyshell mod too?

I think the Navigator bonnet might have been make like this, but not the Pilot/Spyder body.

Enjoy, Paul. :)

smonza 14th June 2020 08:36

Hi Paul, Thanks for your kind comments. I'll post some more info and photo's shortly. Neil

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