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garyh 25th January 2013 12:12

Can you fit a camera (realtime), so that people can view the progress of their car... looking forward to seeing how you set it all up. Good Luck.

AndyP57 25th January 2013 12:19

That's a good idea and not too difficult (eventually) when I get the broadband connection in. I'll certainly bear it in mind

davecymru 25th January 2013 15:12

I thought that was a pic of the new Ribble Stealth :)

Looks good matey, interesting times ahead!

Viatron 26th January 2013 03:23

Andy, recently did a lot of research on heating my workshop and have come to the conclusion that space heaters aren't a good idea, if your talking about the tubular kerosene or gas fired ones they will make the place quite damp, you would probably be better off with some second hand industrial IR heaters, cheaper to run and only produce heat where you need it not the rest of the airspace.

Something like this


AndyP57 26th January 2013 06:21

Good call Mac. I've just been reading more and agree with your own findings.
Are you on nights or just an insomniac? :biggrin:

Viatron 26th January 2013 06:36

Nope just a 5 1/2 hour time difference here in Sri Lanka

AndyP57 26th January 2013 06:57

Ah. Now I remember ;-)

Mister Towed 26th January 2013 09:48

Only trouble with infra red heaters in an engineering workshop is that they only heat people up, everything else stays cold. This results in a lot of condensation on metal and issues with extended drying times for resin, bonding paste and paint.

It might be an idea to knock at your neighbours units and ask what heating they use. You'll probably get some useful advice together with free cups of tea and potentially useful new business contacts.

That's just my two new pence worth and I hope you find a suitable solution.

AndyP57 26th January 2013 10:02

I'm popping over the road to Warrior Boats early in the week so will have a chat there. Could be a combination may be required

Viatron 26th January 2013 10:43

You can use ir on fibreglass etc, body shops use them for drying paint on patch repairs. In an ideal world a unit with an existing oil fired dry air system would be the answer but it would still cost a lot to heat that. Andy a mate of mine has a Worksop that size and he got hold of some old curtain side material and used it to separate it into a smaller heated area and a much bigger unheated area, alternatively maybe a workshop within a workshop made of stud timber and heat that?

AndyP57 27th January 2013 14:09

All. Please be warned that Mick Hughes, he who used to work with Gary, is trying to pass off a mildly modified ex Sammio as his own 'Miglia Speedster V8' and intends making moulds of it.
As the now owner of this design, I find this in no way amusing and a deliberate attempt to undermine the investment I have put into it. I've already warned him that if he starts offering it as a kit I will be taking legal action against him and hope you all follow my thinking.

Viatron 27th January 2013 14:30

I take it your referring to this Andy, Linky
Blatent knockoff IMO, best nip it in the bud quick mate. Hope it doesnt come to that though and the "gent" in question sees sense, if its of any assistance i have an in at one of the kitcar mags with someone i used to race with, sure they might be interested in such a blatant rip off. This sort of thing does the industry no favours at all.

AndyP57 27th January 2013 14:37

Thanks Mac. Yes, that's the one. I would have thought that Mike, of all people, would know better. Any publicity of this attempt to clone, should he try to continue, would be very gratefully received. His best bet, in my opinion, would be to sell that car. It does look to be finished fairly nicely from a distance, so he may get a fair price for it and diffuse the situation.

Viatron 27th January 2013 16:05

Andy, good to see you've set the price for the new reworked bodies, 999 seems a very good deal and I'm hopeful maybe the quality will be there as well. Will the option to build your own frame from drawings involve a cost for the drawings or will they be "open source"?

AndyP57 27th January 2013 16:08

The plan will be to have a set of drawings downloadable by username and password which will be given on receipt of a deposit from the web site so a builder can get cracking on it even before their shell is ready.

lancelot link 27th January 2013 16:13

VIATRON ....You can read my stand on this in other postings , so won't repeat here and don't want to get caught up in a situation that I have had no influence on .
My experience of 25 years of creating fibreglass bodies , kits etc. is unfortunately the magazines aren't interested in these arguments...they actively encourage new products and don't run for the hills every time a new Cobra emerges that will have undoubtably started as someone elses body....

Right or wrong ....its a fact.

lancelot link 27th January 2013 16:15

Andy , I really like some of your new ideas , expanding the product in a very positive way....maybe keep some of your ideas to yourself for now though , eh ?

AndyP57 29th January 2013 13:30

Just a quick news item. We've just accepted a deposit on Navigator 001 :biggrin:

garyh 29th January 2013 13:33

Excellent news. Are you filling up the workshop, yet.

oxford1360 29th January 2013 13:36


Originally Posted by AndyP57 (Post 39508)
Just a quick news item. We've just accepted a deposit on Navigator 001 :biggrin:

Excellent news. Well done. First of many.

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