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ufo17 2nd November 2014 14:22

locost 7 / sammio
Hi everyone,
I haven't posted for some time but have been following all of the sammio/miglia/tribute builds when I have time. I live in France and have a Locost 7 which I built from the original book ( the one in my avatar). I have been thinking about this car am now wondering whether it might be quicker for me to try and fit a sammio/miglia/tribute body to it rather than starting from scratch with a Herald/spitfire:eyebrows:. So my question is does anybody know the wheelbase measurement of a herald or spitfire, I don't have access to the Locost at the moment but other "book" builders have a measurement of 2370mm. With all the other life things going on I will never get round to building one of these cars unless I can take some kind of short cut.:cry:
Pual L when I look at your thread now its more like following a kit company making the buck for an awesome new model, just top work mate:eusa_dance:

micky1mo 2nd November 2014 16:06

Hi ufo17, the Triumph Herald wheel base is 91.5in or 2324mm and the Triumph Spitfire wheel base is 83in or 2110mm.

So the Triumph Herald would be very close to your Locost wheel base.
You could get the extra needed with a longer bonnet but as these bodies are only single skin it would not be to much of a problem the add the little extra some where else :eusa_think:

It you want a body please PM me.:nod:

GazDavies 3rd November 2014 06:20

I think that the biggest problem that you will face is the dimensions of the Locost Vs the body shell of your choice. The cockpit of the low-cost is a long way back and is almost over the rear wheels where as the spitfire/herald are far more central.

Im certain that it could be done however the bonnet would need to be VERY long, the rear deck shortened and the rear arches moved forward. In my opinion this would ruin the style and the finished article would look very different to the 50s style racer that we all love.

Paul L 3rd November 2014 15:49

ufo17 - First of all, thanks for the kind words about my own build, I'm doing my best.
Although Swifty & Mac are really building their Cordite/Navigators to a factory standard. :cool:

I am not sure if you saw the advert in this thread.

Pat/Patton had started modifying this early Cordite bodyshell, with #69 on the door, to fit a Locost.

As Gaz suggested, it looks like quite a radical change.

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

ufo17 3rd November 2014 19:20

Thanks everyone for your replies. uummm maybe a no go:lock1::heh::heh: as I, like most people want to build one of these cars because of their dimensions and therefore looks. I think I will just have to finish my house here in France so I can put it on the market to move back to the UK. If we get what we want for this house I will be able to afford to build a car:eusa_angel:. Just to throw an idea into the air, would a Fiat v6 engine fit into a Herald/Spitfire more would the drive train handle the power?, I can buy a whole car for 1500. I would really like to fit a Maserati engine but I think they might be a bit pricey:scared:.

p.s Paul ,I saw on your thread that you were visiting Friends in Oxford, I'm from Oxford (Headington) just wondered what part of Oxford your friends are in. Looked like a good night.

Paul D 3rd November 2014 20:28

Here is a link to Pat's modified shell under his Skippy II thread back in January 2011

Paul D.

redratbike 4th November 2014 06:49

Maybe a mistral body would be better

Mister Towed 4th November 2014 09:51


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 61007)

That could work and the Mistral body does look pretty sweet once finished -

That one's still for sale as it went unsold on Sunday at a guide price of €125,000.

Still think the Sammio Spyder looks nicer and it shouldn't be too difficult to drop a modern engine into a Herald chassis as Ford Type 9 Gearbox mounts and props are available off the shelf. If I ever built another I'd probably go ultra light race car stylee and fit a 1.7 Puma engine as it weighs only 81kg's for a 123bhp output in standard trim.

ufo17 5th November 2014 15:27

I must be tired I meant Alfa Romeo v6!!!!.

Mister Towed 5th November 2014 17:07


Originally Posted by ufo17 (Post 61028)
I must be tired I meant Alfa Romeo v6!!!!.

Doesn't that have a transaxle gearbox hanging out back?

I suppose that's not an issue if you're using a purpose built space-frame chassis. :noidea:

redratbike 7th November 2014 19:04

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