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Mister Towed 16th February 2021 16:31

And coated in gelcoat -

Then fibreglass -

Then once cured it seems to fit pretty well -

And with the seat and pedals in place -

I could either use this as it is or use it as a mould to make another floor, the upsides of that being that I could make more in the future.

Kuba 16th February 2021 17:59

That look really good, well done. Have you reinforced fibreglass with something rigid? Regards Kuba

Kuba 16th February 2021 21:10

Just came across something that might be of interests


Mister Towed 17th February 2021 06:29


Originally Posted by Kuba (Post 105938)
That look really good, well done. Have you reinforced fibreglass with something rigid? Regards Kuba

Hi Kuba, I haven't reinforced the floor with anything rigid, if you add enough layers of medium to heavy CSM then fibreglass is rigid and strong enough to work as a floor.

Having said that, I've now had time to go all over the floor banging it with the pointy end of a screwdriver and I've found that there are a few voids where the CSM hadn't bonded to the gelcoat and a couple of soft areas where the CSM wasn't fully wetted with the resin. I'm pretty sure that's down to the resin being too cold when I mixed it, it felt a lot thicker than usual and although it soaked into the first couple of layers of 200gsm mat, I really had to work it into the next couple of layers of 500gsm, which are the layers where it's soft in places.

So, the plan is to bring the resin indoors to warm up for a few hours then stiffen up and repair the voids in what I've done so far before painting, polishing and prepping it to use as a mould for the finished article.

When I use that mould I'll make sure that the resin is warm enough, that the mat is thoroughly wetted through and I'll also be adding in some core mat to make the floor as rigid and strong as possible.

Anyway, I need to get some more resin and catalyst ordered as I'm down to my last few kg's.

Oh, I do like that 'Porsche' steering wheel, btw. I'm not sure what it's from but it has the look of the early Spitfire/Herald/Vitesse wheel, so it could be an old Standard (Triumph) model. I doubt it would fit my steering column, but I do have a classic wood rim wheel with a Porsche crest already.

Kuba 17th February 2021 06:42

Hi. Are you using a metal rollers with you fibreglass? They have many names most common is "bubble baster roller". They would work very well on your floor panel or similar flat large area. Hope this helps

Mitchelkitman 17th February 2021 08:42

Every 'set of instructions' I've ever seen (the excellent guidance notes Glasplies issued in years gone by was especially good) say that any resins, moulds etc need to be at the correct temperature for at least 24 hours before application - that cold gets right through to the bones :shock:

Mister Towed 17th February 2021 09:21

Thanks guys - yes I do use a ridged metal roller, but even the pros get voids sometimes. My cardboard plug probably didn't help matters there, either :(

The temperature thing is a bit of a bugger. My garage is unheated but I'd been using the resin successfully for small jobs like the door hinge pockets when it was colder than it was on Monday afternoon.

It's possible that the large flat area meant that the heat from the exothermic reaction didn't stay in the panel for long enough for it to cure properly as I also noticed that it was still tacky some 20 hours after it was laid up, despite having 5% catalyst mixed in. The small jobs i'd done a week earlier were all rock solid and dry to the touch within 12 hours.

What I do have now, though, is a nice rigid plug that can be used to create a really decent floor, once I've fixed the issues outlined above.

NeilF355 17th February 2021 09:56


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 105945)
the plan is to bring the resin indoors to warm up for a few hours

I just bung the resin in the microwave, in a suitable container of course!
I have found that about 10 seconds per 100g of resin warms it up nicely.

Mister Towed 17th February 2021 10:32


Originally Posted by NeilF355 (Post 105949)
I just bung the resin in the microwave, in a suitable container of course!
I have found that about 10 seconds per 100g of resin warms it up nicely.

That's a fine idea but I have a feeling that would be quite hazardous to my health.

Not from the fumes, but because my wife would kill me :peep:

Paul L 27th February 2021 06:17

Mr T – Sorry, it has been ages since I replied to your thread.

Did ‘The Car Years’ get shown in Feb?

Obviously, I forgot to look for it. :rolleyes:

But at least Iris looked the part. :cool:

Anyway, on to your Speedster…

It is always good to see you tackling the problems you face.

And that knocking something up in fibreglass hold no fears these days.

Shame about the suicide doors and all the extra work required to hinge them at the front.

Good luck, Paul. :)

I am sure you had some ‘rules’ about domestic appliances.
So, as long as the Microwave finds its way into the garage it is fair game.
Just don’t tell your wife it was my idea. ;)

Mister Towed 27th February 2021 10:13

Ha ha, I seem to remember someone posting something about a kitchen being full of useful tools that don't know they're tools and that the flow of tools from kitchen to garage was inevitable and irreversible.

The Car Years programme is, I believe, now due to be shown in April so you haven't missed it.

The sun is shining today so I'm off out into the garage to carry on with the moulds for my floorpans. Should have something to show you by tomorrow...

Mister Towed 28th February 2021 16:35

Having used cardboard to make a plug to take a mould from for my driver's side floor and found it a little too flexible, I've been making something similar for the passenger side in aluminium.

It's still a work in progress but is starting to look okay in its own right. I'm making it slightly smaller in all directions as I'll be using the underneath as a male mould to make the floor from so the gelcoat is on the inside of the car. I'll be waterproofing the underside of the floors with some sort of underseal anyway.

Should have this and the driver's side floorpan mould finished and ready for use later this week if all goes to plan.

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