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SwiftyDS 11th September 2019 19:14

Thanks Paul - they won’t be to every ones taste especially the genuine Ford RS owners, but as Oscar Wilde said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

SwiftyDS 11th September 2019 19:41

In between waiting for coats of primer to dry on the rear clam after flattening down and filling surface holes, I finished the front of the car off with the remaining decals/stickers, black infill and redid the sunstrip.

I wasn’t happy with the original RS Ford Rallye Sport sunstrip, and didn’t want to go for the period black/red Motorcraft Sparks Fly one, so landed on a mix of Ford logos and RS200 logo in blue. The owner of DMB produced a lovely RS200 logo in dark ford blue which I think fits well with the rest of period livery.

I sourced all the remaining stickers/decals, and just had the two Shell logos and scripts to fit on the front wing areas.

I also painted the black infill areas on the front bumper, and dummy bonnet vent, with black Plasti Dip.

Pretty pleased with the overall result if I say so myself :-)

Can’t decide whether to also paint black the smaller lower vent areas in the front bumper, also the inner surface of the headlamp cowls. Will give that one some thought.

Nostromo 11th September 2019 20:00

Looks great Dave!! Really impressed. Hope you're pleased. The stripes on the side will really finish it off. What's the sticker above the side repeater. Thought it was the windows logo for a moment.

I reckon it needs the lower bumper intakes spraying black as well.

molleur 11th September 2019 20:40


SwiftyDS 11th September 2019 22:26

Thanks guys for the positive comments.

Nick, the sticker above the side repeater is a Swedish flag, albeit not a very good one but it is blue and yellow. The livery/sticker theme most closely resembles car #6 of the 1986 RAC Lombard Rally driven by Kalle Grundel with co-driver Benny Melander, hence the Swedish flag. I will probably end up removing but I guess it is a bit of a conversation piece so may leave it or better still get a better quality flag :-)

SwiftyDS 11th September 2019 22:35

And here is a picture of the original #6 car as seen at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed.....

SwiftyDS 12th September 2019 19:47

I managed to finish off the back of the MRS200 today. To be honest I needed to remind myself that this was an interim job and not a professional paint job - I could have been at it for another 2 weeks for what on the surface was going to be little additional benefit. Anyway, it now looks a lot smoother, all the flash lines are gone and the matt white primer blends everything in with the gel coat finish of the panels.

I also painted the black infill for the rear number plate area with black Plasti dip.

All cleaned up and lights are back in.

Just need to apply the stickers/decals to the rear now and then move on to painting the blue motorsport stripes and the air intake roof area of the clam. That’s a job for the weekend along with the black areas around the windows of both doors and the side scoops.

The deck at the back of the rear clam now looks quite respectable compared to what it looked like after the flash lines had been removed. I can still improve the area under the spoiler as that’s really difficult to get to with anything other than a hand sanding block, but I think that can wait now until the proper paint job.

molleur 12th September 2019 23:35

Looking good!

SwiftyDS 13th September 2019 18:33

Thanks molleur

Today I didn’t have much time to spend in the garage, and not enough to make a start on the stripes, so ended up putting on the stickers/decals on the rear panel and the two rear wings.

I think the Shell logo on the rear panel might have the effect optically of making the rear of the car look narrower. Not sure if it’s just my eyes but be interested to hear what folks think. I may well be that it just draws your attention to the middle of the clam/rear of the car, not sure.

Both red Pirelli stickers were also fitted to each of the rear wings.

It really is like when you finished off an Airfix kit as a kid and you got to the part where you soaked the stickers in water and then applied them. Well, in fact a lot simpler given there’s no water involved, that is apart from a light misting of the surface to help prevent air bubbles!

molleur 13th September 2019 19:21

What a difference a few stickers make! Well done.
IMO, it attracts the eye to the rear clam center.
Looks great.

SwiftyDS 13th September 2019 22:06

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Yes I think it does draw your eye to the centre of the rear clam, also the fact the stickers/decals are gloss finish contrasts maybe a bit too much with the matte finish of the the panels which again seems to draw your attention to those areas where they are applied.

I can’t really do too much about that one - maybe it will lose that effect when it gets a bit of mud on it :-)

molleur 14th September 2019 00:47

The stickers are supposed to do that. No worries, looks great

SwiftyDS 17th September 2019 19:40

Well all I can say is that I underestimated big time the effort to mask up proper and then paint the stripes, along with the door skins and intercooler inlet/rear clam roof.

Having mocked up the stripes roughly with masking tape, getting it lined up proper across the full depth of the side of the car was another matter, especially allowing for the bow in the rear clam. Anyway, after nearly a full day of masking up I was left with something along the lines of this....

I’d decided to paint the black infills around the door window area and the air intake scoops first as I felt it would be easier to mask the black off when painting the blue than trying to do this after I’d painted the blue.

I knew choosing Flex Blue Plasti Dip was a bit of a risk as it’s relatively light, but I didn’t expect the coverage to be so poor compared to using the black colour. Anyway, 4 cans later I had what on the surface meets the purpose, but in reality is far off a professional job. But hey, that’s not the purpose, and it’s really just a temporary measure to break the white up until I do get it painted.

Here’s the outcome....

Looks OK from a couple of feet, and certainly looks fine from 6 feet (always a good test !), but as you’ll probably see in the pictures here it’s not an even coat and I think there are parts on the passenger side of the car I’ll end up peeling off and redoing before I get it MOT’d.

Overall effect is fine, and the matte blue adds to the overall matte effect. I managed to get the stripes pretty uniform and as you will see I also decided to do the doors in the same format as the original Ford Motorsport theme.

Fitted the sill decals/stickers and put the windows back in. Need to fit the mudflaps now, and then get on to sorting the interior out and putting the door cards back in. As I said above I think I’ll also go back and redo a couple of the stripes on the passenger side - hopefully those should just peel off!

I particularly like this angle of the car with the blue painted ... although it does remind me I need to do something with the intercooler pipes before the MOT given the engine isn’t turbo’d yet!

I also ordered some extra black Plasti dip having used all the cans I’d purchased to finish off the window surrounds. I need to do the lower vents on the bumpers and I think I’ll also have a go at doing the inners of the headlamp cowls. Once I’ve redone the couple of stripes that aren’t great on the passenger side I’ll refit the passenger window and the sill decals on that side.

Thanks for all the positive comments over the last 3 years of the build ... feels like it’s getting close to something now that can be MOT’d and driven again.

oxford1360 17th September 2019 19:45

Two feet or six feet - it looks fantastic. Well done.

molleur 17th September 2019 20:18

Ditto on the positive outcome!

SwiftyDS 18th September 2019 06:39

Thanks guys for the feedback

Welshkiwi 18th September 2019 07:06

Swifty I like this car.....full stop. So reminds me of rally stages and nutters in crazy places for a prime spot and picture.
I can only imagine the feeling you are getting right now as it is coming together, driving round in this is gonna make people’s necks hurt. Just realise that anywhere you go now, if stationary be ready to talk and talk long....well done fella!

SwiftyDS 18th September 2019 13:31

Many thanks for positive comments Welshkiwi. Yes the heady days of Group B rallying - I just need to get round to fitting the turbo to mine now to make the same whooshing and pop/bangs sounds :-) That will certainly turn the heads!

I managed to get the car out of the garage this morning and inspect a bit more closely the paint I applied yesterday. There are definitely some areas on the passenger side which will need redoing because of runs. I did try lightly sanding these ares of the Plasti Dip with 800 grade wet and dry, using it wet, and a couple of areas smoothed down sufficient for another coat, but for the other areas I’ve at least proven that the paint does indeed peel off. Just waiting now for some extra supplies of Flex Blue paint to turn up and I’ll redo that side.

It was also a good time to give the car a good clean, and let it run for a while on the drive.

I also managed a couple of trips up and down the private road close to the house - happy to report nothing fell off!

This picture shows off well the matte look - as I’ve said before won’t be to everyone’s taste but will suffice while I run it around before getting it painted proper.

I think I’ve decided just to remove the intercooler piping for now given there’s no turbo yet to connect it to. Looks odd the way I’ve got it routed now (as you can see in the pic below) and I’ve tried a couple of other ways to get the pipes pointing further into the sides of the engine bay but no obvious points to tether the ends of the pipes to.

Decided I will also look at a more easily accessible battery isolator as it’s a bit of a pain having to remove 10 or so DZus fasteners to lift the rear screen. I decided to accelerate getting the car finished by bolting in the rear clam, leaving hinging it to later. So that meant the rear screen needs to be removable to get the engine bay. I’ve got an isolator on the positive terminal itself but as I said it means lifting the screen out each time. It’s unlikely the car will be used every day so I need to look for a place to mount a key operated isolator - the original Rally cars had these up front just under the windscreen scuttle but that’s going to involve quite a bit of routing high current 12v cable to/from the battery so I’ve been looking for an area low down in the engine bay that’s within reach from under the rear of the clam. Once I’ve found a suitable spot I will then switch the DZus D-ring fasteners for the rear screen to DZus hex head bolts as it won’t need to be removed so often.

Let me know if any other builders of the MRS200 kit or other kits reading this have done anything similar here. I did find a remote fob operated solenoid based isolator but on closer inspection the current drain from having the wireless receiver in standby pretty much negated the value as feedback from other users of it clearly showed that it drained the battery itself!

jones 18th September 2019 13:46

Absolutely top effort, I like the matt effect too.

Good work! Great thread too!

IanA 18th September 2019 21:17

That is looking "proper good" now. Always thought my Z300S looked a bit bland without any decoration as well. A few stripes and stickers livened it up no end.

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