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1111bill 24th September 2017 16:48

Impulsy Buy - AC08RAT
I saw the registration number AC08BRAT on the DVLA website.... and got carried away on the buy-it-now button (250) !
Now I need an 08 or newer Cobra to put the plate onto, (instaed of a year 2000 one)
Was this a good deal ?

landmannnn 24th September 2017 17:18

Brilliant reg, got to worth more than 250.

Jaguartvr 24th September 2017 17:19

Not if you are thinking of a Tribute Cobra as it has to be a Z which finished production in 2003.

oxford1360 25th September 2017 15:35

Am I being dense? That plate has 8 characters/digits. When/where does it originate?

(Just noticed the subject line so assuming a typo.)

Jaguartvr 25th September 2017 15:40


Standard 2008 number, as it is 2008 it cannot be used on a Z3.

smash 25th September 2017 16:27

Dyslexic acrobat?

1111bill 25th September 2017 19:51

I think I am going to have to put the AC08 RAT plate on my Fiesta !

Anyone building GTO should grab ....

which is available for 250 including the assignment fee.
and good for cars newer than 1996

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