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kenmorton 15th July 2006 23:42

Front chassis pipe etc positions
Any one got any pics of front chasis pipe and cable runs, i.e. brake pipe, heater pipe, acelerator cable etc. where they come up from the front chassis member and through the bodywork ?

EddyP 18th July 2006 12:58

you should have a drawing from norman thats got the route of them, and then another drawing that has the hole locations to be drilled in the body. if you havent let me know and ill scan them in.
The pipes are a nightmare to get in the right places so they dont foul things, in the end i foud the easiest way was to have the chassis raised high, and get underneath with the body slightly off the chassis and decide the run of them that way. Ill see if ive got some pix at home of them and post them up if i have.
Accelerator cable goes down the centre tunnel next to the gearchange, then comes up and neatly through a hole in the body just to the left of the spare wheel hole, then up and into the big hole by the pedal.

kenmorton 19th July 2006 00:00

Yeh, got both of those drawings but pictures are easier to get my head around (lazy b or what!)
I had the accelerator cable routed down the central tunnel but it was too short the way I had it in the engine bay trying to get long sweeping bends. I have now altered it so it fits but the bends have had to be made a lot sharper. Some quite sharp bends at the front as well to get up past the battery to the first hole in the body.

EddyP 19th July 2006 15:03

with mine it sort of cuts the corner towards the front of the chassis, and more passes under the drive foot well, this part doesnt touch the chassis on my car.
the bends in my engine bay i dont think are too bad. again ill try to dig some photos out.
I think ive worked out a really easy way to do the 5 stud conversion now tho :D
i think if i made a plate which sits on the rear face of teh current hubs, said plate is drilled and holds the wheel studs, exsisting hub redrilled to the PCD of the plate, then put plate on from rear with new studs, tighten nuts on front, then a few bits of weld to hold it in place.

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