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WorldClassAccident 8th January 2020 21:34

National Kit Car Show
I have a clash so cannot make it. Anyone fancy being the de-facto club president this year?

Responsibilities involve saying "Yes" and then sharing your postal address so I can send the free tickets and stuff.

Benefits include easy free entry and easy free parking plus bragging rights and any extortion rackets you want to run against other club members.

PM Me. Biggest bribe or first come wins.

Drummajor 9th January 2020 15:06

I intend on going this year but not sure which day and I hope my mx250 will be completed too.

Drummajor 11th January 2020 19:18

Anybody else planning on going?

Lucky@LeMans 11th January 2020 23:47

I'll be there one of the two days.

Remember the dates have changed this year, the event is on the 2nd and 3rd of May which is the Saturday and Sunday !

There isn't a bank holiday Monday, the day off for most is moved to Friday the 8th to coincide with VE day !!

DaveP 12th January 2020 02:04

Hi Nick,

I have not dived in to claim this as i am only going on the Saturday and someone else may be better suited if they go both days. I (have to be back home for a close family birthday on the Sunday) will be there with the usual red Kobra though and looking forward to seeing those that can attend.

If you donít get any PMs here will you try the FB Tribute Group ?



WorldClassAccident 12th January 2020 09:41

Good point Dave, forgot FB. Posting it there now

wozzy 1st March 2020 13:17

Has anyone actually managed to get any tickets yet? as i have been asking but nothing has happened yet

Drummajor 1st March 2020 14:59


Originally Posted by wozzy (Post 103588)
Has anyone actually managed to get any tickets yet? as i have been asking but nothing has happened yet

Donít think you need them , turn up on the day in your kit car and get in for free.

Lucky@LeMans 1st March 2020 16:03

No need for advance tickets unless you want to stay in the on site accommodation. Free entry on the gate for kit car drivers, a few quid if you want to camp and that's it.

DaveP 1st March 2020 21:16

I was considering getting a pre booked ticked for the CEO. Itís free for kit drivers and either £15 on the day or £12 (plus 50p) in advance.

I am definitely going Saturday. Have digs booked Friday night in Kenilworth. Need to buy dinner for said CEO to make it more attractive:)


wozzy 1st March 2020 21:26

Was there not a Tribute Automotive area?

Lucky@LeMans 1st March 2020 21:38

Should be, just park up there. Not sure what state the show ground is in this year. They had cordoned off some of it last time for the HS2 works that had just started.

wozzy 2nd March 2020 08:14

Cheers guys

smash 2nd March 2020 12:25

Just a thought but Corona virus may kick this into touch...

Lucky@LeMans 2nd March 2020 19:03

Maybe, maybe not ! I think a proportional response, like right now, will do more good than looking down the road a couple of months. I would expect to see all air travel suspended, all larger work places closed down, schools closed etc etc . If all that fails then low key, largely out door events ( kit Car / motoring events etc ) might be hit too. Who knows, this is the UK, not a state controlled country like China. I think it will be hard to stop people doing their thing.

wozzy 3rd March 2020 19:59

i have booked the hotel, so i am going regardless haha

DaveP 3rd March 2020 21:02


Originally Posted by wozzy (Post 103621)
i have booked the hotel, so i am going regardless haha

Me too.

I called the organisers today and no indication of any cancels. They also confirmed the plot for Tribute Owners Club is 49B same as last year. Until the official show ground map is released we are not sure exactly where it will be.

I must do a few tings to Max before I take him (my name for the red Kobra)


Lucky@LeMans 3rd March 2020 22:18

Lol, I only call my car names when I'm trying to sort out problems and it isn't going to plan !

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