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SDMC001 20th April 2006 17:52

Are any of you going to Stoneleigh, and better still taking you 5EXI`s there. Hope to go there on the Sunday.


Dan 21st April 2006 09:11

Assuming I've still got the car, and its not pissing it down I'l be poping along on the Sunday in my car. Do they have parking area's for different manufacturers cars?

limpabit 21st April 2006 09:24

Hi Dan.

It's 50/50 at the moment whether I'm going at the moment. Would love to go. See the car. I need to see you anyway to pay you some money.:biggrin1:

If it's like other kit shows, there's an outside area. Not sure if it's manufacter specific.

SDMC001 22nd April 2006 02:09

Manufacturers stands
Most of the shows I have been to tend to have areas where the manufactures park.

Dan 22nd April 2006 11:52

Lets just keep our fingers crossed for some nice weather.....

limpabit 26th April 2006 19:50

Me and Ian are going on Sunday.

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