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y cymro 15th May 2016 20:24

This is looking really good. I usually prefer a hi boy look, but you're doing a nice job on the fenders, they suit it and I prefer them for once.
Are you still going for the rust look?
Shame about the gearbox adapter. I plan to use P9cho to connect an Alfa v6 to an rx box. Will have to make sure he's careful with the dimensions!
Looking forward to your next update.

Tribute Automotive 15th May 2016 20:41

Looking good Andy. You will be driving it before you know it.

andysharrock 15th May 2016 22:15

cheers guys got to go rust or full on rat I can not do with he constant washing and ho god is that a blemish on the paint. bring on the patina paint :usa:

andysharrock 22nd May 2016 18:32

3 Attachment(s)
good weekend sanding and filling starting to shape up well, itching to get some paint on her.
Attachment 3575

Attachment 3576

happy I made the changes to the running boards it's going to look well cool. starting to think of adding some flames or pinstriping or what about this

Attachment 3577

molleur 22nd May 2016 18:44

Looking very good!
Flames, naw...keep it simple.

Roadster 22nd May 2016 19:17

I like the skull

To fit with the rusty patina'd look

how about this

Jaguartvr 22nd May 2016 19:26

Can't go wrong with flames and skulls on a hot rod.

andysharrock 6th June 2016 20:56

it drives
5 Attachment(s)
well I got fed up with pushing the car out the garage to work in the sun so set about the mechanics for some reason it starts but I have No clutch.
I worked out it was not enough leverage so added a nut to the back of the pivot
Attachment 3654
this worked but caused the arm to hit the clutch not a lot but to much but some clutch improvement so I removed the nut and did this
Attachment 3655
Attachment 3656

this worked out a lot better it did not hit clutch anymore but again could be better, so I extended the piston arm to the clutch master to try and get a bit more fluid

Attachment 3657
again better but no cigar so next I swapped out the mazda servo for a landrover we now have a car the moves under its own power not me pushing it
Attachment 3658

happy days pain in the arse taking the box in and out but sorted :smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin:

andysharrock 6th June 2016 21:08

paints arrived
4 Attachment(s)
only done a few bits on the body, bonnet split again now fitts proper job just needs re finishing

Attachment 3660

had to try the light shells

Attachment 3659

I added a skirt to the back I want to run some lights on it and a number plate.I also removed the hinges from the back door and bonded it on ,well it was never going to be used as a door and looks better

Attachment 3661

and the paints arrived so I now do need to pull my finger out

Attachment 3662

Paul L 6th June 2016 21:35

Andy - This is really coming together nicely. :cool:

Congratulations on getting it driving again.

I am looking forward to seeing how this "rusty" paint works.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Car photographer 6th June 2016 23:07

Cool paint!

hurnleft 7th June 2016 07:33

Looking good Andy. Wil it be ready for the NSRA Supernats in August?

mazdarazmataz 7th June 2016 09:30

That rust paint sounds interesting reading about it

andysharrock 12th June 2016 19:01

major car surgery
4 Attachment(s)
cars coming along nice I actually drove it yesterday it even stopped when I pressed the brake pedal :pray:. BUT the driving position needs work so all the pedals and the steering is back out. I have moved the steering up and right a bit sound easy but not when it's all been welded into place.

Attachment 3675

Attachment 3674

I am going to move the fire wall on the driver's side forward about 6" and lift the servos up to clear the engine

Attachment 3673

Attachment 3672

I should be able to cut some of the bend out of the pedals and make them longer, hopefully when finished it should give me more legroom and a better driving position. 1 step forward 3 back better now than later :decision:

andysharrock 21st August 2016 18:04

5 Attachment(s)
I have been doing bits in between other jobs first time in ages I have spent a weekend on her so here we go
fire wall is all back in pedals refitted and all plumbed back up I have gained about 6" in leg room so driving position is better.
Attachment 3847

Attachment 3848

Attachment 3849

I had to flip the brake pipe connections from one side to the other on the servo to get it in as it was a bit close to the exhaust. hindsight I should have made the box higher.
I also decided I did not like the dash so the had to go

Attachment 3850

new dash in or should I say in progress

Attachment 3851

The clocks are RX8 which means the electric drive from the gearbox should work for the speedo, glove box from the old scimitar

andysharrock 21st August 2016 18:16

5 Attachment(s)
been fancying a side exhaust so this weekend I cut up what was the manifold and made everything shorter and to come out above the running boards

Attachment 3854

Attachment 3853

Attachment 3855

Attachment 3856

I did plan to use motor bike silencers but now I am thinking of a bit of flexi tube and a side exhaust running along the side of the running board like you see on the cobra.think rat look bit of rusty pipe running across the board would look mean. lol

andysharrock 4th September 2016 20:11

and we have a seat
5 Attachment(s)
well I got fed up with sitting on a box and moving it from one side to the other as I worked on the dash, so I decided to get the seat in
Attachment 3867
Attachment 3868
Attachment 3869

still work to do as always I have made the base to be removed as and when the back is glassed in. I did try the back from a VW beetle but it was taking up to much room. I have got a padded quilt cover with the american flag on going to look well when its fitted.
Attachment 3870
Attachment 3871

bit premature but had to try a bit of paint on the unfinished dash love the colour it goes on well even with a paint brush :peace:

andysharrock 16th October 2016 22:00

5 Attachment(s)
I will stop changing things one day and finish it , been watching welderup again and decided I could not live with the standard door so gone for the suicide look again.
Attachment 3966

absolute nightmare to do when I cut the body I did it on a slant thats ok till you try to flip the door hinge then it will not open it just slams into the sill.
in the end after 3 days on I came up with this
Attachment 3967
three hinges top one fixed bottom two lift clears the sill and shuts spot on, locks on order that's next weeks job.

bought some triumph silencers just hoping they will work may need to take the baffle out . bore is only 30mm the down pipe is 40mm so I needed to make a filler . que scaffolding tube
Attachment 3968

and finished looks like this

Attachment 3969

Attachment 3970

fitts a treat bit of joint compound and a clamp job dune , need to think about securing the box to the sill so it will move with the engine .
wiring loom on order I have spent hours trying to get the loom sorted for 80quid should have bought it weeks ago u live and learn:icon_eek:

andysharrock 25th June 2017 20:17

long awaited update lol
5 Attachment(s)
still plodding on with the hotrod most of the wiring is now sorted we have all working lights and it starts and runs on the key and even drives . Utube link below would not let me add a video

the clutch is pants only just biting and the gears are stiff so I dissed the slave and just used a monkey wrench off the clutch leaver and a bit of rope. all gears fine but only biting at the very top so looks like the clutch is on its last legs but the slave has to go.The piston on the slave dose not travel enough both ways to work the clutch properly.

Attachment 4454

so next job fit a cable clutch ebay new cable 8quid and a bit of old cross member I came up with this,woks grate but will still need a new clutch bugger.

Attachment 4455

doors rehung again suicide, open and close brill this time I made up my own door handles after the ebay ones were crap, any guesses for what they are yes I know they look rough but its a rat rod
Attachment 4456
Attachment 4457

rear lights from the states
Attachment 4458

exhaust next week I have bought two newish manifolds I am going to direct it under and out the side well thats the plan.

andysharrock 25th June 2017 20:18

my girls soaking up he sun
1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 4459

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