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chrisrsmorriss 24th June 2008 20:06

Door mirrors.
I find that the door mirrors could do with being a bit higher up. The ones on Rich's old Vortex are positioned quite low and the rear wheel hump obscures much of the view. Any advice on what mirrors with a cranked arm (to raise the height) might fit? A BMW M3 type one might do the job, and they stick out a bit more which would help, but it does need to have convex rather than flat glass.

Chris Morriss.

ricola 26th June 2008 17:19

I quite liked the look of Ken's modified Rover 75 wing mirrors...

chrisrsmorriss 26th June 2008 19:22

Thanks Rich. So that's what the mirrors on Ken's car are from! If you're around Ken, can you let me know what mods you had to do to fit them?

Chris Morriss.

ricola 27th June 2008 10:00

Ken did explain to me how he did it

if you compare this pic with a standard mirror, he made up an aluminium disc to fit in the door recess, then cut down the rover stalk and bolted it to the new base. The base replicates the stock two bolt fixing of the rover 100 mirror base. Bit of filler to smooth things off and a lick of paint and it's done!

When I looked, Rover 75 mirrors were quite pricey which put me off, Rover 25 are very similar if not the same so worth investigating too. FYI: the standard ones you have use heated rover 75 'glass' already, they also sit higher than other phantoms, most have problems with clearance between the mirror and the door...

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