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Jaguartvr 1st October 2018 14:59

7" headlight bowls with rear access
Does anyone have a supplier? Want to be able to change the headlight bulbs from the rear without removing the glass.

kon 3rd October 2018 13:23

These any good to you?

Jaguartvr 3rd October 2018 13:42

Afraid not, what I am after is a headlight bowl that can have the rear section removed so I can change the bulb from behind but still offer weather protection.

IanA 4th October 2018 08:57

I'm pretty sure I've seen a fluted metal bowl with rear access on a production Ford, maybe a Corsair. There's a "70 Ford Mustang Headlight Headlamp Adjusting Bowl Bucket" on eBay now but no diameter mentioned.

How about taking a plastic headlamp bowl and slicing it (like the top off a boiled egg!) with a hinge and clip fastener. Do half the cut, then mount the hinge before completing the cut to ensure alignment. If you need good weather protection, take a second bowl and slice a bigger cup shape off it so there's an overlap when brought together. Use self tappers to secure the two parts together.

kon 4th October 2018 09:01

The ones in my link looked like rear access to me. How can you tell that they are not? I'm probably going to need the same on the car I'm planning, so would be good to find a set now too.

Jaguartvr 4th October 2018 09:34

Kon, they are headlights not headlight bowls.
!anA, that was plan B but surely someone must make them.

NeilF355 4th October 2018 10:51

The only removable back headlamp bowls I know of are for the Alfa spider. They are 7" but at 70 +VAT + P&P they are not cheap.

I presume you would also need to buy the correct headlamp units to fit them.

Purchase from any of the classic alfa suppliers such as


Jaguartvr 4th October 2018 11:58

Exactly what I wanted but not at that price!
I think I will take a mould of a bowl, cut the back off but a bit shorter and then fit the moulded bowl on top.

kon 5th October 2018 13:25


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 97037)
Kon, they are headlights not headlight bowls.

Thanks for clarifying, Jag. I'd just assumed those headlights would attach directly to the GRP body, but I see now that the bowls are needed in order to allow for adjusment of the beam angle too. :eusa_doh:


Mitchelkitman 22nd August 2019 20:37

Were you successful with the headlight bowls? I've only just seen the subject, so have arrived 'late to the party' It would be possible to make a GRP female mould off a plastic headlight bowl, add a flange (say, 1/2 way if that makes sense) and do similar with another mould for the rearmost part, so that the 2 halves can be screwed together from the rear.

Jaguartvr 22nd August 2019 20:57

No luck, thought about making them as per your idea but too much work for just changing a bulb.

Mitchelkitman 23rd August 2019 16:38


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 97007)
Does anyone have a supplier? Want to be able to change the headlight bulbs from the rear without removing the glass.

Is this for a headlight in a 250 SWB (ie no plastic additional cover) or one with an additional plastic cover eg 275 (which may bonded on, so more requirement to access bulb from rear)

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