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kenmorton 25th April 2006 22:43

Rear lights
How have you secured the rear light top trim piece ?

If I use a piece of the wheel arch liner as Phantom sugest then I was thinking of either body filler or hot melt glue.

As an alternative I was thinking of cutting the bottom part off a second pair of rear lights ( found a set in my local scrappy which should be quite cheap ) and supergluing them onto the opposite hand tops.

Chris G 26th April 2006 15:27

I used some black thick flexible self adhesive high density foam strip. It doesn't look too bad and it does the job. I think I got from someone like RS components.

EddyP 27th April 2006 21:59

Ken if theres a set of lights in your local scrappy that look cheap, could you get the bulb holders/wiring for me please, the lights ive ordered dont come with any and ive yet to see any around here cheap :(

kenmorton 27th April 2006 22:26

O.K. I'll go and have a look tomorrow.

EddyP 27th April 2006 22:38

thanks ken :)

kenmorton 28th April 2006 22:28

Got the lights and loom/bulb holders today - 15 the lot.

So if any one needs a set of rear lights let me know by Saturday night and I can bring them down to Stoneligh on Sunday ( or leave them with Norman ). The lenses have got a few light surface scratches on them but I reckon they could be polished out quite easily. If nobody wants them then I will butcher them next week and see if my "cunning plan" was any good or if it was more of a Baldrick one.

EddyP 28th April 2006 22:52

could i get those off you on sunday please ken, think they might be very useful for SVA as i think the lights i plan to use wont pass, theyre not E marked.
I know Norman has a pair of lights with the mods already done, you might be able to get him to bring one along so you can have a look and see what it is they do and how its done?

bgullatt 7th May 2006 11:09

If you are having difficulty finding the rear lights I have several sources here in the states provided they are the same. My brother is in the salvage business and has many contacts. If I remember correctly they are MX3 but I don't know what year. The lights themselves should be fairly cheap. I don't know about shipping costs. Anything else that you need that may be becoming scarce over there let me know and I will look. There were loads of Celicas and Accura Legends here.


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