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EXI Turbo 30th March 2014 19:04

horn connection on aftermarket steering wheel
Hi ,my wife bought me a momo wheel and boss for xmas but I can't work out how I can connect the horn. The original wheel had an airbag with a ribbon connector.

Has anyone come across this issue and fixed it ?

Cheers for an help


SDMC001 31st March 2014 07:01


When I built my EXI I had a button on the dash to opperate the horn, SVA were ok with it.


EXI Turbo 31st March 2014 07:58

The wheel has a horn button in the centre, it picks up the earth through the steering column and has a round disc on the back of the boss to connect to the horn.

Problem is I do not now how to make the connection with this disc as it will be turning with the wheel.

Maybe it need some kind of spring connector that pushes on the plate but still allows the wheel to turn.

EXI Turbo 1st April 2014 16:29

sorted, I took the metal inside a 13a plug bent it into shape to make a spring that pushes against the metal disc on the boss so that it keeps the connection when the wheel rotates.

The Momo wheel looks a lot better than the rover wheel I have been running with and even better the horn button works.

Just have to wait and see how permanent the fix is.

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