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ElysianPirate 19th November 2019 14:33

Kobra for winter project? or nice runner?
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Hey all

Im just about to put up for sale my Kobra.

Its mostly done but Im out of space as I have a couple of other cars on the go and a son who now needs garage space as well.

Id say its 98% done. Theres a few minor bits that still need doing but life has happened and Im just going to offer this to someone who wants to tinker and tidy it up over the next few weeks and months before enjoying it in the Spring.

Its had a FULL professional paint job BMW Blue, its unmarked and totally GREAT! Blue as they should be but with black stripes to match the black light surrounds and hoops etc. Its been done really well !! Panel fit all done and all looking good.

Its still go BMW interior (this was to be a winter job but its not going to happen now). Its got custom seats and brushed finished interior (custom) LED lights. Nice grille and repeater lights inset into the side grills that can be easily taken off if you want.

Its had the box taken out of the exhaust and sounds fabulous! with square section exhaust on it which looks great for an internal one.

I bought it as a fix up and its now mostly been fixed up but its unfortunately just in the way now as my new car is my dream machine and needs all my attention (and budget!)

Its just passed MOT and there was a small list of remedial work that was needed and has now been done.

I use this every week whenever its not raining and its a good solid car.

If Im going to be completely honest theres a small list of things I think need doing but hence the price and the 98% statement.

Id suggest different wheels (these are nice looking 20inch but doesnt make the ride the best - really Id put them down to 16 or 17's - wast my choice - came with them but does look good standing still lol). Passenger door cards needs a small fix. Steering can be a bit squeeky but nothing bad. Heated seats... im not sure if they are just not very good or need work! Might be the custom seats that are on it. Electric motor for the roof is getting old but does still work with a little help at the start. I was going to replace the head unit which is why the CD changer in not connected up.

Its on a nice solid 2.8 with elect roof & seats, with heated seats and cd changer in the boot (not connected but nothing wrong with it). Its 109,000 miles so not a low mileage one but has been well looked after by me, mechanically restored, serviced and fixed.

It really does sound fabulous and look amazing just needs more TLC than Ive got the time and budget for.

We all know this is about a 13 - 15 k car in the spring to the right person but will look good on your drive and at local shows.

Im looking for 12,000 on ebay when I list it tomorrow but if someone wants to save me the effort and make me a sensible offer I'm happy to discuss.

Any questions etc... just pm

Many thanks


Lucky@LeMans 19th November 2019 17:30

Paint looks really good and so do the black stripes.

It might be worth spending a little time if you can to sort out the areas of TLC before you list it. Some of the faults aren't really faults at all. Check if the new seats are electric or not, they might not be. The wheels are a selling point, they suit the car well ! The CD player isn't a big deal on a car like this.

Importantly, is the V5 up to date to show its now a rebodied Z3 ?

Otherwise a very nice looking car and good luck with your sale.

jones 20th November 2019 09:09

Is this Danny's old car?

ElysianPirate 20th November 2019 11:25

Hi John

You recognised the wheels? lol

Yeh it is but its had A LOT of work done to it! Not least full paint job and fix all the gaps...and A LOT of mechanical bits.. lol


jones 20th November 2019 21:44

Oh yeah, dont get me wrong that looks awesome and LOVE the paint job looks great! It was actually the rear diffuser insert from the fiesta that reminded me and yes combined with the massive wheels too.

Looks great, shame you're not able to keep it to finish those odd jobs as I think people might only use those to batter hard on the price because most people dont understand the need to buy a project and tinker.

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