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NZ Steve 18th December 2015 00:57

New from New Zealand
Just waiting for a final price then I will be taking the plunge. We have a lot more regulations in NZ and we have to certify any alterations to a vehicle , the biggest problem was the front crash beam so cant build the Kobra or 250 so have decided on the 300s as I can get my car citified. Taken nearly a year of working threw the red tape here.

WorldClassAccident 18th December 2015 08:23

Where in NZ?

I have family in Taranaki who left before I finished my Z300S so it would be great if they could see yours.

wolfie 18th December 2015 15:33

You can get custom made crash front beams made these days that will enable the kits to be fitted, not sure who posted it but its somewhere on this forum - ideas anyone ?

nzidol 18th December 2015 22:58

Ah, thanks for waking me up out of my dreams and telling me to do my homework... It looks to be not simple... But this document
Cosmetic body kits and components [including utility canopies and plastic bumper skins]
 The fitting system does not weaken the vehicle structure, and
 no frontal impact components have been removed where the vehicle is required to comply with a frontal impact occupant protection standard (see note on page 1), and
 the kit or components do not present any forward-facing external projections, and
 the performance of any lamp is not affected as a result of the kit or components.

seems to imply you can remove the front beam if the car was made before march 1999...

Agree that some of the other documents word things slightly differently and talk about modification date rather than the original manufacturing date. In the end you probably still need the car the be lvv certified but it should remain exempt of meeting any frontal impact standard?

NZ Steve 22nd December 2015 21:07

couple of answers
We live in Napier
If u replace the crash beam with a modified one it cant be registered or certified
The LVVTA have made a ruling with the NZTA and it will have to be on each individual car and what year it was first registered in NZ to which regulations it comes under. Even though my car is a pre excempt of the regulation you quote it still goes on the 1st registered date which has made mine under the 2oo2 regulations. After all that if u can build any of the kits they still have to be certified

WorldClassAccident 23rd December 2015 07:49

Opposite side of the island then. Never mind, I will still follow the thread when you do start building

nzidol 26th December 2015 20:39

Yeah will be on the lookout for a pre-99 Z3 then.... And locate my friendly local certifier and get him on-board with the plan...

NZ Steve 29th December 2015 00:25

New Plymouth is not far away so once it is complete I will let u know and head over there for a weekend

NZ Steve 29th December 2015 00:27

Reply NZ Idol make sure it was a NZ new car as it is the imports that will give you the grief and it has to be a build date pre 31st March 1999:hand:

nzidol 29th December 2015 02:18

How do you find the build date of a car? :icon_confused:

NZ Steve 29th December 2015 02:45

I got mine from the BMW dealer but so long as it was registered before the 31st march 1999 you wont need the build date.

nzidol 30th December 2015 23:35

As always google has the answer

Mikewade 31st December 2015 10:20

Tried this....
Just tried this, and it didn't seem to work...
So I kept on entering the capture codes...
Eventually I realised that you have to scroll down to see the information.
Easy when you know how!

NZ Steve 5th January 2016 01:02

Happy New Year from down under
Looking forward to this years challenges especially my new project

NZ Steve 23rd January 2016 20:05

Chris has just got back to me with a freight quote , airfreight I could afford to buy another kit as it is basically the price of the Z300S kit so are now waiting for a slow boat price , hopefully this will be more realistic

NZ Steve 9th March 2016 18:37

Have found a lot cheaper freight so just waiting to see if the wife is up for a trip to England or if we dont come we will have to order sight unseen, and make up our mind which way we will go :plane:

NZ Steve 9th March 2016 18:40

:help:Is there a strip down link for the Z3 ?

Jeff H 9th March 2016 20:17


Originally Posted by NZ Steve (Post 75865)
:help:Is there a strip down link for the Z3 ?

I got mine stripped completely in 5 1/2 hours, that is all outer panels, Bumpers, Lights, all boot trim, hood and motor, and seats, really easy to do.

Just want to pull the carpet out which will mean center consul out.

Oh and doors stripped of glass and motors.

NZ Steve 9th March 2016 20:30

Thanks when i start it it will have to be on a sunny day as it will be done on the front lawn Noo room in my small garage:icon_frown:

Jeff H 9th March 2016 20:34


Originally Posted by NZ Steve (Post 75878)
Thanks when i start it it will have to be on a sunny day as it will be done on the front lawn Noo room in my small garage:icon_frown:

It can't be any colder than here at the moment, bloody freezing :shocked:

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