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WorldClassAccident 10th May 2014 14:32

Tribute remoddelled by Kia
Not feeling happy

Rear passenger side wing

Flex stress higher up the wing

She freely admitted blame. She tried to pull into the gap behind me without realising I was indicating right and had stopped due to oncoming traffic

Drummajor 10th May 2014 14:35

Oh now :(

redratbike 10th May 2014 16:50

Sod's law...Couldn't have happened before it was sprayed.....bad luck ..

WorldClassAccident 10th May 2014 18:36

A year in the planning and building. 1 week on the road :-(

Car photographer 10th May 2014 21:58

Bugger !!

y cymro 11th May 2014 00:00

Hard lines matie. You must be gutted after all the effort you've put in.
On the bright side, if she's admitted fault I should imagine Chris and Dan will do an insurance job for you.

Paul L 11th May 2014 09:25

Ouch. :icon_sad:

Hope getting this sorted out isn't too much of a pain.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 11th May 2014 09:25

Be careful WCA, I've had some of that, admitting blame at the the roadside, is one thing, what she tells her insurance company after advice later, is another! I won my case, but it was a fight in court, the lying bastard went back on his word and blamed me.

Scottie22 11th May 2014 09:33

I should have added, prepare your case carefully as though she had blamed you entirely, go to the accident site and take lots of photo's, of the area from all angles.

That is what I did, and then drew in the car positions on the pc,
As I said, I won my case, and the judge commended me on an excellent set of photographs!!

Its like everything else, attention to detail will nail it every time.

I was awarded 1600 damages and the lying bastard had to pay all the court costs.

Go for it WCA, you may as well be bomb-proof before you start.

garyh 11th May 2014 10:16

I wouldn't be happy with those muddy tires either...

WorldClassAccident 11th May 2014 10:34

I have just received this in an email from the husband of the driver after I had sent them my description of the incident

My wife and I concur with what you say in your statement apart from, what to you was a, 'sickening crunch of breaking fibre glass'. To us was a 'simple bump' at less than 5 mph. This in no way obviates her from being guilty of causing the accident. And of which she is truly sorry. I will send you a copy of our statement to our insurers in due course.

I don't think there will be too much problem with the insurance

Paul L 11th May 2014 11:36

Perhaps it would be worth pointing out a "simple bump" is what happens when you drive a Kia.

But a "sickening crunch" is what happens when you are driving a car you invested your own blood, sweat and tears into building.

Did you mention that it is the only one of its type on the road in the UK?

Rant aside, it is good news that they are taking the blame without any hassle for you. :cool:

Scottie22 11th May 2014 12:56

I would still say that to get yourself a water-tight case, you should do some good preparation WCA.

Remember the 7 P's:

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance!

landmannnn 11th May 2014 21:41

Sympathies, at least no one was hurt. You know you are in for a whole heap of pain from now on.

adventuresoftimtim 12th May 2014 09:54

Just to second what scottie said.

I spend a bit of time in court... not in the dock :) and have seen a number of cases where people have tried to pass the blame. Pics are the way forward. Although you have a letter of confirmation in this case.

WorldClassAccident 12th May 2014 11:03

Their insurance company contacted me this morning. Please could I deal directly with them to make things simple. They accept full responsibility.

Was my car roadworthy?
Do I want a car while mine is being repaired?
Who do I want to do the repairs?
Was I hurt in any way?

I explained my car was a bit different and that Chris was the best guy to look at it. They agreed. Did I want my car trailered down there?

I explained Chris was unavailable for a week. Not a problem, the claim is logged. Just get Tribute to contact the insurance when it is convenient for him. Probably best for him to deal with it as he has the mould if I need to replace the whole rear end.

Really nice, friendly and helpful. My insurance company recorded the incident and agreed it would have no effect on my No Claims and wished me luck.

If only the DVLA were this helpful...

y cymro 12th May 2014 13:49

Glad it's turning out ok for you.
A friend of my father's owned a garage on a main road. One day he drove off the forecourt having checked left and right was clear straight into the side of a bus that had stopped in front of him.
These things are easily done!

IanA 14th May 2014 22:33

Hope you get it sorted OK Nick. I thought that your paint job put most of the others at Stoneleigh to shame. There were some Aston Martin replicas for sale in the sheds that looked terrible.

NuBodi-beerassistant 15th May 2014 12:43

Damage to car
Bad lady. Women drivers, what are they like! Before you say anything, I'm a woman driver. Is she still breathing? I would need restraining if it was my car. Perhaps I could just drive it around the garden to keep it safe (once its finished). Poor car :-(

NuBodi-beerassistant 15th May 2014 20:24

Restoration of the offending damage
Spoke to the other half (NuBodiBoss) who said that he can offer his services, if you need them. He said that repairing fibre-glass is a specialist job. Obviously, there's the insurance to sort out first but if you want to contact him, his number is 07779 365 247 or email him at

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