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bigrich 19th February 2009 18:32

Rover 1.8t Kseries & R65 gearbox??

I was wondering about 'simple' power improvements...and considered how this could work with a standard 1.6 R65 (cable operated clutch)gearbox. does anyone know if teh 1.8t hooked up to a standard R65 gearbox and cable operated clutch would hold up?.....or is it just going to disintegrate.

chrislandy 20th February 2009 07:15

most of the rover gearboxes are not rated for high torque, the PG1 being the strongest although the "uprated" PG1 for the R220 turbo was still only rated for 175lbft! so wacking a turbo k-series onto anything other than an uprated PG1 would probably be asking for trouble.

I have a spare standard k-series 1.8 PG1 for sale which would need uprated bearings to handle high torque

limpabit 20th February 2009 11:57

I'm with Chris on this one Rich. I don't think a standard R65 would handle that power very good. Then there's an uprated clutch you would need I would have thought.

DavidH 20th February 2009 12:30

I know people who have used the r65 with the 1.8mpi and VVC in GTM's and in Talons you need to swap the flywheel on the engine to the one from the 1.6 but they have not had any other problems. But obviously it will put more stain on the box, guess the reason you are thinking of it over the PG1 is you wont need new mounts.


limpabit 20th February 2009 12:41

And gear change and clutch cables will be the same.

chrislandy 20th February 2009 12:41

There's some info on the R65 gearbox here:


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