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davecymru 17th September 2014 08:08

Door Locks/Catches
Ok... so with it nearing body-on time in my build and wanting to have opening door s this time around (ohh... posh) i've started looking at door catches and i thought it worth while starting a thread to see what options others have used or are considering.

ATM i have 2 main options in mind:

1) MGA Roadster Door Latch & Striker Kit Car Set

2) Landrover Defender rear door locks

any other options to consider? And no Paul, I'm not just going to seal them shut! :)

davecymru 17th September 2014 12:25

ha, ha... pics added.

Marc F 17th September 2014 12:34

Perfect timing, as I was pondering mine. What is wrong with going for the standard Spitfire type? I must admit I am not sure I want external door handles, but it may be an MOT thing. I favour opening from the inside only

Paul L 17th September 2014 12:51

Dave - Oi cheeky, I would have preferred working doors. :icon_wink:

As it is, the external mini hinges and door latches I bought for my car have gone to 123mas123 for his Miglia build.

Marc F - When I checked the MOT rules you had to be able to open the door from the outside.

But there is no reason why you can't lean in to use an "indoor" latch on an open topped car. :cool:

Cheers, Paul. :)

1iTim 18th September 2014 10:18

Im considering the herald latches and catches from my donor. Not to open from external handles either. Any intrinsic probs with that?
Did mike have any options in mind?


Mike65 18th September 2014 22:29

Hi Paul,

I am looking for those door latches. We can I buy these? Any idea?

davecymru 22nd September 2014 12:31

Humm.... that took some finding, but i knew i'd seen it somewhere...

Here you are, it's a Ring Pull Slam Bolt!
all for the grand sum of 4.32 each

Additional to that, Woolies also have another option for those who want a "big handle" type:

This is what i'd originally had in mind for mind, but i'm not sure atm...

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