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Rear Suspension Lowering Block - Part 2:

Another small job required was the nuts & bolts on the two inner spring clips.

These were not tight and had rusted into their current positions.
This needed nothing more that a soak in WD40 and they could be done up.



I put the new longer studs in by hand just to help locate the lowering block...

These worked as a good guide and the block went in with no problems...

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the rear spring which would not play ball.
Turns out that the locating pin on the spring would not fit into the hole in the block.
The locating pin itself then came out which at least made it easier to see the problem...

After a bit of work with an assortment of metal files, the pin finally fitted the hole...

It took a little bit of fiddling to get the retaining nut inside the spring back into position...

I put some Loctite on the pin's threads and tightened it back up...

I then fitted the block to the spring just to be sure it was all OK...

Then I put some Loctite on the new studs and using the two nuts trick I tightened them up.

Then it was simply a case of putting the spring and block back on & tightening up new nyloc nuts.

I really thought getting the hubs bolts back in place would be a tricky job.
But it was too easy for words and I could even push one bolt in by hand.
( As everything lined up without the need to support it separately. )

Then it was back on with the wheels and lower the car back to the ground...

Obviously until i have the frame work back in place it is hard to see the difference.
But for a job that I was really dreading, it turned out not too difficult after all.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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