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Mac - East Coast were recommended by the fibre glass book & DVD I bought.
( Although I can't remember why I ended up using someone else. )

RedRatBike - Thanks for the kind words.
It is only when I look back at the detail that I can see just how much effort I have put into this project.
Which in turn explains why it is taking me so long, as this has been nothing like a "standard" build.

Mike - I took a few photos this morning for you and hope the following makes sense.

I've ended up using for the stuff I've bought so far.

They call this "Resin A", AKA General Lay Up Resin.

Just ask for the corresponding catalyst and they will know what to send.

I use a plastic syringe to measure this out and in the heat use a 1% mix.

I've simply marked up old milk cartons with 100/150/200 ml levels.

As this makes working out the catalyst mix easier to do.
( 200ml resin = 2ml catalyst @ 1%, or 4ml @ 2%, etc. )

I use the 600g weight of CSM (Chopped Strand Matting) and initially got a 5kg roll.

As for tools I use a small brush to apply the resin.

A small roller to press over the matting to ensure no air pockets and that the resin in soaked through the matting.

I ordered some "lollypop" sticks for mixing, but when they run out, any old stirring stick will do.

You may have seen the photo I posted of the brush and roller handles wrapped in newspaper when in use.

This just makes the cleaning up operation a bit quicker.

Talking of cleaning up, I use acetone to clean the brush & roller.

So I have a couple of pots with lids to store the stuff I am currently using.

My system is wipe off an excess resin & wash in pot #1.

Wipe any excess off again and then wash in pot #2 before leaving to dry.

Once pot #1 is too dirty, empty that out, clean it & refill with fresh acetone.

That then becomes pot #2 and the previous pot #2 becomes pot #1 etc.

( The book recommended a 3 pot system, but two pots have worked OK for me. )

You will need a stack of rubber gloves.

I simply use loo roll for wiping things and an old carrier bag for the waste.

This really is a messy job, so I use newspaper and dust sheets as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Have a think about the fibreglass work you need to do to gauge how much stuff you need.

I'm sure your Speedster will not require any of the wholesale butchery you see going on here.

Just bare in mind it had a short shelf life, so don't order it miles in advance like I did.

Hope that helps, Paul.
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