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Default Playing Poker. Not!

Yesterday's sortie in the A352 was to the Berkeley Castle Classic Car day. I had originally planned on going to Castle Combe but when I looked at the card the runners and riders didn't exactly blow my skirt up. I'd not been to either this event or its venue previously, despite its being more or less on my doorstep.

On arrival mid morning I parked with the punters and was immediately buttonholed by fellow enthusiasts. I asked a steward in the show area if I could move my car there and he kindly agreed . There was a really good variety of machinery on display with a scattering of kit cars, amongst which were two of my least favourites: a VW Beetle floorpan based 'Type 35 Bugatti' and a Robin Hood. However, I had a long chat with the owner of a glorious Moss Roadster regarding both his machine and Monacos. Interesting stuff!

The car of the show, for me, was this Turner in Team Elite livery, beautiful!

When I returned to the car to leave I was besieged by punters for 15 or 20 minutes, one of whom said he'd built a Jaguar based D-Type lookalike in Ecurie Ecosse colours which he'd mistaken mine for. The twin apparently now lives in Bristle: it would be good to track this down!

The A352 performed faultlessly, the replacement diff. being silent. With hindsight, I think the old one had never really been right. Spitfire Steve is going to investigate its internals and let me have his verdict. Top bloke for both quality and price!

Regards, Mick
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