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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
… My car is correctly registered as a Sammio Spyder ( thanks to Gary all those years ago ) but is it MOT exempt being a 1968 car? I have read a lot of confusing stuff and would like an answer from the Forum…
MikeD – Welcome back.

I also echo Mr T’s point about it would be good to see another Spyder finished.

The details of the VHI modification rules are here:


But it would also appear that I have a different view about the VHI rules to others on here.
( No offense intended, as I know there is more than one way to see things. )

Personally, I see my Swordfish as a straight forward re-body that is suitable for VHI.

As I didn’t substantially change any of the main Spitfire/VHI components.
(Listed as chassis, axles, running gear and engine.)

So I will be claiming VHI status when my 1980 donor become eligible in 2021.

I previously laid out my logic in this thread:

There was one key chassis difference between the Sammio Spyder and the Sammio Cordite…

The Herald had rear outriggers and the Spitfire did not, but it was essentially the same chassis design.

So if you read one of the ACE examples (which was confirmed in writing by the DVLA) you have this.

Q) Is it acceptable to remove bodymounts, which contribute no strength to the chassis when changing a body to a different style /make?

A) Yes, providing they are additional to and are not an integral part of the chassis structure.

Again, this is just my personal interpretation, but I’d argue the outriggers are NOT an integral part of the chassis structure.

Therefore the outriggers are effectively bodymounts that can be removed when changing the body to a different style /make (which the Spyder bodyshell definitely is).

Hope that helps.

Good luck, Paul.
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