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Originally Posted by GreatOldOne View Post
Well - now we know it fits. All we need now is an on the road assessment of performance!

You are welcome to borrow mine if you would like to "try before you buy". There will be a bit of work as it will need a new adaptor plate, and push rod conversion, and probably an extension piece between servo and cylinder?
I will make permanent alterations to mine as I do not like Marlin's double pivoted extender, but I can do all that later if you are up for giving it a test?

I shall not have my car on the road for a few months yet, so I'd be interested to see what benefit you guys who have your cars on the road feel it gives. Let me know.....................
Originally Posted by GreatOldOne View Post
I may have to get one myself. I might have to splash a little extra for a chrome one though, to bling up the engine bay. )
I thought about Chrome but ................American chrome? They do a polished Stainless one though.
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