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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I would be tempted to fit the fuel filler and only show the examiner after the body has been fitted!
The pipe is only pushed down into the tank and glued in place with sealant, not the ideal solution but I can't think of an alternative.
If someone had a spare tank sitting on a table you might be able to see if some kind of adaptor could be machined up. Could then be sold to builders.
Fair thoughts jag, but over here fuel pipe extensions are part of the cert process so has been declared from the start. Reason we will discuss is whether we can work an adaptor that has an inner tube/outer sheath assy that can be bonded and clamped in place and without taking the tank out. 1st look at it seems to be tight so I may be taking the tank out anyway to do it. The only issue for me is disturbing all that may end up with reliability or failures down the road. We’ll see what happens. I have thought to see if I can find a tank to play with but won’t be cheap.
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