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The rear bulkhead panel arrived yesterday afternoon (!) so I fitted it today by rivetting and bonding it in place and the lower edge was rivetted and bonded to a piece of aluminium box section to brace it ...
I then cut the hatch hole to enable access to the fuel tank and fitted the hatch cover plate using self tappers ...

I also started to dress the front bulkhead area with aluminium panels as well ...this tidies up the area where old joins new and also helps in tying it all together structurally too...

The two rear arch panels I cut yesterday were then propped into place and wedged so they couldn't move ...the top edge was then glassed in place to hold them in and I ran a few strips along under the frame rail to tidy up the slots cut to fit them ... I took the opportunity to bond the rear of the bulkhead in using stixall along the outside edges and bottom edge inside and out ...Tomorrow morning when this has all cured nicely , I can fit a smaller panel at the front of the inner arch to tie it to the rear of the bulkhead ..this will tidy up this part , isolate it from a mud and rain point of view and also add some great strength as a result of creating boxed area's ..

the photo isn't great ..I was losing light ..but you can just make out the rear frame tubing running diagonally from approx. 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock across the arch ...tucking the panel inside this is a bit more work but ensures we have no clearance issues ...

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