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Small update

All electrical done, everything works too. Made a neat job of extending and routing the harness. Found a solution for the fuel fill bit. Stainless Steel flexible radiator aftermarket hose (all stainless, no rubber liner).
Works a treat with the big Monza cap as forward as practicable on the fender.
The latest version of the Tribute front clam must be a lot lighter! I moved the Z3 struts to the bottom forward position and it holds the bonnet up fine. Not too bad for seven days into it.

Next trip will see final body install and major sanding. Perhaps I'll get it in primer as well. I'm confused about both the windscreen trim and the windscreen header rubber where the adapter FRP part inserts to glue the body top to. I understand the plastic windscreen (narrow trim all around) should be removed to fit the "A" pillar parts. How much of the windscreen/soft top rubber must go away. Only across the top of the windscreen, or the entire piece? Traveling back there early Monday.

Real drag trying to use someones PC (ancient and very slow).
Not to worry, photos coming soon!
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