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Started to radius the arches and stretch the lower wing section on the car today ...

I've done virtually round rear arches cut quite high into the wing and stretched the front ones back a bit to look similar to the Aston DBR1 examples ....kind of !!
Driver's side rear wing had a slight twist in it from all the cutting and pulling about , so I took the opportunity to slice through its peak and put a splint across to correct this at the same time....

I also trial fitted the doors with their braced hinges using my set up door skins ..

I make sure I am happy with the door frame fit and hinge location etc. before I fit the correct door skins ...this will be done once I am finished with taking the body on and off ..

Managed to finish glassing the front areas before I left , so tomorrow it's body off , flip it over , glass a few bits that need finishing and then back up the right way on tressles so I can go inside the rear to glass the rear arches ...

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